Friday, August 03, 2012

insta friday! {encouragement and a few links, too}

so happy to be home. 
we've settled back in to our cheery little downtown home, after being gone for dayzzz.

sometimes it's like christmas morning, checking the mail after being away. 

a sweet blog friend sent me the cutest little package of encouragement.
included was this cute artwork by pen and paint, such a great reminder!

more fun mail! god bless the usps, amen?

sweet notes and happies from this girl, this girl and this girl.
god is so good to provide strength to my heart through the thoughtfulness of these friends!

katie especially blessed me this week. 
she shared this beautiful prayer for special needs mamas.
as editor of beautifully rooted, i have the treat of reading posts first, and more than once.
when i read this one on tuesday night, i ugly cried and felt peaceful at the same time.
so much comfort and support for my weary soul.
and i have read it over and over these last couple days.
i suspect it will even encourage mothers of typical children, check it out!

grateful for psalms, my favorite book in the bible.
sometimes, i read psalm 34 every week. such great truth to cling to!

katy shared an encouraging word and beautiful printable based on verse 5. love it.

alisonand lindsay sent this adorable custom hoop from blossom and vine.
i'm working on a little project for them, and they are way to sweet to me!
i am in looooove. it's a cute pal for my other sweet hoop.

our friend tim has a new album. you need it. that's all there is to it.
want to sample? enjoy free downloads from this project here!

we don't have a yard, but our sweet little downtown has plenty of beauty and color to take in!
and i don't need to care for a thing :) which is good. because i seem to kill plants left in my care.

joy is not an emotion. 
joy is a settled certainty 
that god is in control. 
{greg forster}
becky shared that quote and plenty of other tidbits of wisdom. so much goodness!

y'all. i ordered these little cards from michelle brusegaard and i can't stop looking at them.
are they adorable, or what?! look for one tucked inside your next order!

i share these peeks into our life daily on instagram, follow along if you wish!

>>> <<<
a little reminder!
a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut
if you participated in the gift exchange, get your posts ready!
we'll be linking up and sharing our fun goodies on monday!

and another reminder: if you haven't signed up for this yet, get 'er done.

happy friday!


  1. So much goodness in this post!

  2. So many pretty things! Love the sweet little hoop art and your new cards. Both are adorable!

  3. Those cards are super, super cute!!

  4. Dang all this eye candy your posting?! Love it all :)

    I'm so excited for the mug exchange. You can never have too many cute mugs!

    Happy Friday Girlfriend.

  5. "He set me free from all my fears", I have a lot of fears to give to Him. Beautiful. Thank you, Hannah.
    P.S. I love the card design!

  6. Such fun pictures. Your little town looks so cute. LOVE happy mail from sweet friends. I got that same print from Jacky & am in LOVE. Plus, it matches my room perfectly. Love the new business cards, so fun!!

  7. love this roundup :) thank you

  8. You have some awesome fun and happy mail!!! I love that verse that you shared from Psalms...God is amazing all the time!!!! Those are the cutest business cards!!!

  9. In Psalms right now. So good! Love you!

  10. looove those little business cards! so perfect. :) & I love the Psalms SO MUCH.

  11. drove past your cute little home today!!

  12. i've decided a few things:

    1. your mailbox is graced with the most lovely things.

    2. you are loved, by so many, including me!

    3. your business cards are too perfect, but you already know that. ; )

    4. that prayer was really beautiful. it's amazing how we can ugly cry but in the process of it, feel a peace like we didn't before. God is so good!

  13. Some things::
    You are one of the cutest friends I have.
    Your biz cards are amaze.
    I have no idea how I missed Lindsay's print? Obvi I need it in my life. It's amazing.
    When I come to your blog, I paws for peace. It's a breath of fresh air. Aint lion.