Friday, August 31, 2012

insta-friday {and free shipping!}

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happy friday!
here's a little peek at life through phone photos!
are you on instagram? say hello!

my mama is still here visiting, and helping my sister since sweet hazel girl arrived!
pops left earlier this week. so glad he was able to meet the new grandbaby. 
i sure do miss him. this pic is my fave :)

i have vivid memories of sweet folks thinking of me whenever a new sibling joined our family.
i try to do the same for friends and family, picking out a tiny gift to bring the big brother or sister.
i mean, it's something worth celebrating, being the oldest! 

i got ivy these fun little bangle bracelets. since they were so itty bitty, it was less tempting to keep them for myself. 
ivy loves them, but what she really loves is darling sister hazel. wait, isn't that a band?
safe to say we're all in love with the new addition. i love seeing patrick with little babies!

we enjoyed strolls downtown this week. grateful the weather has cooled a little.
honestly, i am sad to say, i'm tired of summer and extra excited for fall this year.

elijah has been a busy bee. school, making messes at home, visiting the chocolate shop before dinner...

when we arrive at a park to play, the same thing happens.
elijah runs to a tree, hugs it a little, and then darts of with lightning speed.

the front facing camera on my phone is so l a m e.
but, it's a successful way to get eg interested in a photo.
i showed him which button to push, and after a few majorly blurry ones, he snapped this gem himself.
super in love with this. we were saying "ta-da!!!"
eg says that when he does something he is proud of :)

i sent of some special orders, and found some great encouragement this week.
proverbs lays in on me. every time.

how was your week?
any long weekend plans?

one thing you can do is:

take advantage of free shipping in the shop. holla!

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  1. so happy for your new niece addition! she looks lovely. and your dad couldn't look more joyous:) i like e.g.'s idea of chocolate before dinner!

    miss you!

  2. I love the photo of the lined up cars! My baby brother used to do that . ALL.THE.TIME!!!! He loved to line things up. ... so cute!!

  3. You know....I feel like this is the only picture I have seen, at least that I can remember, of just you and Elijah together - what a precious expression - YESSSSS!!!!! I love it! Make it into one of those canvas prints, immediately! :)

  4. Chocolate before dinner?! AMEN Sister!

  5. new baby pictures are the yummiest!!

  6. Love the name Hazel and I super love the pic of you and Elijah! Hugs, friend!

  7. we had a fun family wedding this weekend. today (on labor day) we are laboring to catch up. worth it.

    how do you make collages for your blog? do you use pic monkey? i miss picnik.

  8. love your pictures! sweet baby is beautiful! stopping by from Life Rearranged link up.