Friday, August 17, 2012

insta-friday {and a few other things}

happy friday.
y'all, my parents are in town!
they traveled from maryland to see me.
well, mostly their grandkids. but i feel like they are sort of here for me, too.

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first off. fancy katygirl is a finalist in a super fun wall art contest!
our votes can help her win!! and it's super easy to vote!
click here and choose #8, katy's masterpiece. because it's the very best one!

next, if you're a mama and an small internet business owner like i am, read this.
you know what, just read it. i suspect it'll apply to you in some way, no matter your station in life!
darling jessi has been in my head. her words could have been my own.
SO grateful she shared. now go and read!

and one more thing, ez shared these precious free printables.
perfect for back-to-school!

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so. the cutie mug rug i ordered from moxie mandie arrived.

it's for my mug swap partner. 
it's for my mug swap partner.
it's not for me.

so goes the daily chant in my head.
later today, i shall finalize a mug decision and ship it to my cutie mug pal.
the secrecy of it all is quite fun. kim is brilliant like that.

she is so brilliant, that she paired me with the loveliest lady.

my partner was amy, and let me tell y'all. she has excellent taste.
look at this mug!! this is what happy days are made of. truly.

this week eg got into his favorite toy.
which happens to not actually be a toy at all.
of course i snapped a photo of the adorable mischief.

also this week, our stoop was tagged by the cutest little vandal i've seen in awhile.
i knew when i saw that polka dot bucket, he was legit.

remember when i found those books at the thrift shop?
well, included in that find was a sweet 1987 childcraft dinosaur encyclopedia.
elijah is obsessed. and i have laughed out loud at some of the pages.
i mean, how much can we know from a piece of one fossil? apparently a lot.

beautifully rooted is hosting its first group study next month!
i really hope you'll join us! info here

i received my book and am excited to begin! 
i have studied james many times, and it's always fresh to me. always needed. 
and i want you to consider studying along with us, even if you are not a fan of this author.
because we'll be digging into the word. and it will be beneficial to you soul
let's grow together!

>>> <<<

finally. let's celebrate:

the shop needs some new treats for fall, yes? help me make room!

what are your weekend plans?
i'm heading out for school things for elijah, he's back at it on thursday, annnnd hanging out with my fam!


  1. I voted!!!! Love the mug rug...and the mug you got is soooo sweet!!!!! I am sending mine out to my partner this weekend...Hope she likes mine...I have not gotten mine yet...Can't wait. Hope all is well....Mica

  2. Um, I love every thing in this post. Every thing.

  3. Oh.... that mug rug is the cutest! I am having the HARDEST time choosing a mug. Eeeeekkk! Who knew this would be such a life altering decision. I mean, what if I pick the wrong one? :) Obviously, I am taking this way too seriously, but it certainly a nice distraction from the norm!

    Have fun with your parents!


  4. yay! so glad you got it and you like it. i had the hardest time deciding too but i read a few of your latest posts and decided this one might just be "the one." nice to meet you hannah singer. super nice to meet you. :)

  5. I ordered the book. It's not about Beth Moore. It's about the Word of God. I'm looking forward to it. For real. :)

  6. i did the beth moore james study last yr and it was fantastic! you gals will totally enjoy...and be changed! Don't say i didn't warn you!

  7. um. next year i'm making all swappers send their mugs to their recipient, and identical ones to me too.
    i might be turning green. with envy.

  8. oh sugar mama is sweet. :)
    i want to do the bible study. but listen up. i'm a spaz most of the time. and i keep forgetting to order the book. or add the beautifully rooted button to my sidebar two months ago. or brush miles' teeth this morning.

    also. i've never had a mug rug. i think it's time.

  9. Great pictures!

    Julie @ Naptime Review

  10. That mug is the sweetest, and that little boy is the sweetest too! I love the wall art!!!

    When I had a regular desk I was obsessed with my mug rug - I don't use it anymore...i will mail mine out to any lucky person who lets me know she wants it & where to send it!

  11. totes just voted for katy, thanks for the link! love the sweet mug and i just finished beth's james study--great stuff, enjoy :) seriously she takes james to a whole new level! happy weekend, hannah
    <3 <3 <3

  12. seriously...cutest mug ever.
    and e might be the cutest naughty-maker ever.

  13. adorable writing on that brick, he's creative, like his mommy:)