Wednesday, August 22, 2012

i like.

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little boy feet and polka dot buckets.

cinnamon sugar toast, light on the toast.

the smell of old books.

dreaming about being old with my husband, and all the wisdom we'll have then.

shopping for baby clothes. i'm almost an aunt again!

how i can have many favorite colors, today it's yellow.

elijah trying to whistle a tune. which sounds a lot like shrill screaming a tune.

fresh bath towels, particularly striped and polka dot ones.

freedom from fear, grateful for this.

late night coke floats and a show at home, with my babe.

friends who listen generously.

sticking happy washi tape on a boring envelope.

my husband bobbing his head and quoting favorite raps. all the time.

that elijah loves to dance, and invites me to join him.

this blog and all the darling hearts it connects me to.

what do you like today?


  1. Strong coffee, happy daycare kids, that my own children left for school in good moods this morning, Your blog :), a good hair day

  2. I love this! It is always good to remember who you are. Right now, in the midst of parenting three kiddos, I needed this reminder. I believe I will start making my list. Thanks!

  3. I like you. And a host of other things too. And yellow. Always yellow.

  4. a new day, new mercies, a fresh start. I also enjoy washi tape (thanks to you), and coffee. hot or iced, black or with a splash of coconut milk. any time of day. :)

  5. I love the rapping one. We've got that going on around here too. Love.

  6. I like sleeping in, iced coffee, and catching up on my tivo... evidently I like being lazy too!

  7. i love snuggling into my bed reading Proverbs! I'm laughing that you dream about growing old and having more wisdom with your hubby. I feel like I need to read Proverbs every single day in order to search out that wisdom, which is of greater worth than gold and silver!

  8. That I'm getting my first massage ever!! Have a great day! :)

  9. i love that my sister's baby (the one that had a 1% chance of being healthy) was born 100% healthy this morning!! praise Jesus. we're off to see here this afternoon!!

  10. i am liking this post!!! i am liking that wednesday night services are happening again. i am liking beautiful jewelry!!! i am liking super sweaty workouts!!! i am liking that i am newly introduced to wearing make up...and i like it, i never thought i would. i am liking our doggies and my little man rolling around on the living room floor and playing heartily with eachother!!! i am liking my husband...scratch that...i am LOVING my husband!!!

  11. i like you.

    i like polka dots too, they are my favorite color. :-)

  12. i'm liking you.
    and i like your big ol' heart
    and your love for the Lord.
    i like that you have taught me so much in the short time
    i've "known" you.
    i could go on and on but there's not enough space :) xoxo

  13. well frist, I like you. obvi. Cinnamon sugar toast, yes please. I also like torillas heated on the stove with butter although WW doesn't seem to like that. I like painting my nails and shopping on etsy. and lace tights. xoxo