Friday, August 24, 2012

coffee break {links for you & a little giveaway!}

happy friday!
you know, yesterday i thought is was friday. so it's like i get two fridays this week. 
it's also like, i need more rest. and coffee.

speaking of coffee, i'm enjoying some right now, and i hope you are too.
while we sip, let's browse these fun links:

the joyful life library has become one of my favorite projects to support.
i am super excited about their new shop, filled with lovely prints like this and darling note cards as well!

this is another favorite project. and you can enter to win amazing goodies in this benefit raffle!

really appreciated these biz tips at gussy sews this week, check 'em.

i am newly obsessed with these mugs. well, the entire shop. too bad i found it after the mug swap!

also, i need this print. need.

love these fun notes from chickabug to make lunches extra sweet!

incredibly encouraged by this don't let discouragement choke you post today. 
truly a must read.

yep. these from cookies and cups look amazing. 

also amazing? my sweet blog reader turned friend joy sent me these fun little budgeting envelopes:

super cute and personalized for our favorite things!

joy sells these and other cute things like colorful twine in her new etsy shop!

she's got a treat for one of y'all today. 
save 15% off any purchase with HAPPY15 through 8/31!
joy is giving away an item of your choice from her shop!

to enter, leave a comment with what you'd have stamped on cash envelopes!

additional entries, leave separate comment for each:
favorite the small town joy shop
follow the small town joy blog
social share this giveaway {tweet/facebook etc.}

giveaway ends on thursday, august 30.
random winner chosen and announced next friday, the 31st.

good luck, enjoy your weekend!


  1. I feel a large pull to those brownies.

  2. everything is adorable, of course. i follow joy and i love her!

  3. her shop is one of my faves, too.

  4. aaaand, the first thing that comes to mind is "coffee money". you know, priorities.

  5. those little budgeting envelopes are so cyyyyyuuute!

  6. yeah. i need budget envelopes like yesterday. ;)

  7. yay! love seeing joy's envelopes up there. they are super cute!! also, that post on discouragement. so i needed to read that. time to get tough on myself! : )

  8. Ohmygosh. You find the cutest things!! :] Love those little envelopes. I would say an envelope for crafting. :]

  9. Oh, and I follow her blog, too! :]

  10. oooh, i like the paper envelopes. i have sewn some envelopes for myself, but they didn't work out as well as i'd expected (not enough envelopes).
    maybe these envelopes in my envelopes would do the trick... money in the envelopes would be a nice addition too.

  11. girl, those mugs at that new to you shop are so good i almost fell off my chair.
    looooove them!

  12. 0hh!! I'd have a Target envelope :) and a starbucks, out to eat, groceries and boring bills :)
    thanks for the chance to win

  13. i favorited her shop

  14. I love the envelopes!
    Come and visit!

  15. How cute! I have to share these with my daughter :)

  16. All of these things are so cute! My credit card weeps at the sight of these things lol.

  17. ahhh I always love all your links and shares. :) thanks friend.

  18. love love love those budget envelopes!!

  19. ok, those little envelopes are genius! they are so cute, makes you want to put $ in them
    and put them to use :)
    off to check out your links! have a wonderful weekened friend! xoxo

  20. oh, the happy mugs! the icebox candy bars! the brilliant article on fighting discouragement! you are the bestest finder, my hannah.

  21. Great links, thanks for sharing!!!!

  22. i'd get "party!" stamped on the envies :)

  23. i'm a sm town joy follower - Reeva M.