Thursday, August 23, 2012

a wonderful morning {first day of school}

earlier this week i was reminded of this scripture from isaiah 41:10:

fear not, for i am with you;
be not dismayed, for i am your god;
i will strengthen you, i will help you,
i will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

this was right on time, as the lord always is, and really set my heart on trusting rather than fear.

most of the summer was very difficult for me. we were all benefited by the routine that elijah's preschool provided for him. and with that not happening for several weeks, i was feeling unraveled.

i feared that starting a new semester at school would feel like square one. 
my perspective of how things have been going here this summer was skewed through my lens of fear and doubt.
the truth is, many things we have all learned this year need a good tuning up. and that's ok.

it's a good thing to have hard readjustment periods, and a struggle for peace.
because it makes those times of achievement and smoothness even sweeter.
even more importantly though? the stormy bits help our hearts look only to christ, drawing strength from him.
we learn not to depend on ourselves, we learn that we need help.
and we learn how to ask for it.
first from the lord.
then utilizing the amazing services and school that elijah's been blessed with so far.

so. today was elijah's first day back to school!
it was an easy, cheerful transition into the classroom. and i didn't even cry.
well, i didn't cry hard, tears were shed. ha.

but i felt confident. not that i knew the day would be awesome, but that i knew who was in charge of the day.
the lord gave us this special preschool for elijah. and we trust he has plans to use it in a mighty way.

i was so eager to pick up my little beastie boy, and i think he was glad to see me...

his teachers said he had an amazing day!
"cooperative and chatty" was the report.
he followed directions well, and was even reunited with his favorite dress-up clothes. 
including sparkly pink cowboy boots.
he had a great day.
i'm smiling again typing this, because this is just such a big deal to us.

we are grateful and expectant as we navigate this new season of school.
i know there will be more amazing days.
and i know there are likely to be some discouragements.
it's sure to hold many lessons for our entire family!

let's do this thing!

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  1. SO glad it went well Hannah! You are grooming him just right as his mama!! :) love you!!!

  2. Yay! Glad you all had a good day.

  3. Celebrating with you!!! My heart is happy reading this. Bless you all this school year.

  4. Love this post - I smiled while I was reading it.

  5. rejoicing with you and your family! i know how good this is for elijah and for you too gal! sending prayers and blessings up for your coming school year:)

  6. He looks so happy in that last picture!! :) Happy first day of school!

  7. i'm leaving this comment with a super smile on my face
    keep learning to sail that ship.

    all that hard work and effort showed some fruit today. amen and praise jesus for that :)

    love you love you love you

  8. fear is a thief.
    fear is a liar.
    remind yourself of that whenever he creeps in.
    i sure as heck try to!
    your little one looks awfully happy in these pics.
    praying this happiness continues for y'all!

  9. YES, praising Jesus for a great first day. you are the perfect mom for eg.
    love you both. so so much.

  10. Cooperative and chatty, just like his mama! Praise Jesus for a great beginning. Love you do much!

  11. Love this. Especially love the pink boots part;) You may have written about it, but is he considered high functioning? Love that pic of him after school.

  12. oh my goodness, love love love. so happy elijah had a fantastic day. what a sweet boy! (with a sweet mama.)
    thanks for linking up, lady!

  13. so so glad it all went well on his first day of school!
    i always have to remind myself.. that the enemy knows
    our weakness.. especially with us mothers it's our little babies.
    and he will try to chink away at you till you're a big hot mess.
    good for you for staying strong in His word.
    i just love that picture of E getting off the school bus.. he looks SO happy!

  14. What an incredibly awesome report from his teachers!

  15. praise Jesus for brilliant first days. so glad for you both.

  16. I was out of town so I'm catching up on blogs. That pic of him pic I've seen in a long time. You are the best mom for him, Hannah.

  17. So happy for the good day! Those arms spread wide open for you say it all :)

  18. this made me so happy, Hannah. Praise the Lord <3