Monday, August 20, 2012

a few weekend scenes {and a glimmer of hope}

sometimes we do exciting things on weekends.
most times, not. and those plain ol' regular sort of days are really not so plain after all.
if your eyes are open, you can see magic and find joy just about anywhere.

>>> <<<

i'm loving my new mug. and i'm loving my son in his favorite hat, 
chatting as he wheels the wagon around. in the house.

after my coffee, i made my way down the block to the farmer's market.
i would tell you that it's for the delicious produce, which is mostly true.
but if i'm a real truth teller, it's more than a little bit about the shaved ice stand. amen.

and this saturday? well, my regular trip turned special quick.
my pops joined me, and he even bought me a hamburger.
we browsed around, for just the right veggies and talked about nothing in particular.
standing in the shade, enjoying our sweet, icy treats was the jam.

i'm loving my parents being here. it's good for us all, i believe!

back at the hizzle, elijah was taking in the beautiful scenery. indoors.
this kid has a binoculars obsession. and i love it.

my favorite weekend bit:
remember how i'm not loving being home on sundays?
it's such a struggle.
this sunday, circumstances were right, praise jesus.
elijah was calm and collected, my mama was able to keep him home for us.

we went to church.
we worshiped with others.
we heard the word from a preacher in real life. not through a computer.

now, i'm not sure how often this will work yet, but we are thankful for that day.
sunday, the lord's day, in his house, with his people. what a blessing to my soul!
this shines hope a little brighter for a future of corporate worship once again.
please continue to pray for this with us, i'd really appreciate it!

for great is his steadfast love toward us,
and the faithfulness of the lord endures forever.
praise the lord! 
{psalm 117:2} 

i was able to squeeze in a little creative time while patrick and elijah played yesterday.
normally i work on the kitchen island counter. 
with the boys running wild though, i made a cozy workstation on my bed instead.

lots of fun new styles in the shop and you can 
save 20% with HAPPY20 through 8/21!

>>> <<<

happy fresh new week to you! 
i can't believe that elijah starts school on thursday!?


  1. I am SO happy you got to go to church!

    i've been meaning to write you about church, but had not got the chance. But i just want to say i know exactly how you feel. When Ollie was at the worst with his SPD, church was an absolute nightmare. People{and beloved friends} just staring in horror as my boy wigged out because it was time to put the toys away. And they didn't understand and I would just turn beet red and try to explain...but really it was none of anyone's business, and I knew that.

    I knew I should not be humiliated. I should not care one fig what PEOPLE thought. I knew I should only care what God thought. Still. It was just realistically a bad situation. And at that point I began to question the church and everything. Like. If the cannot accept me and my troubled child, then what good is church? Is church just a trendy club for the 'normal' folk? This disturbed me deeply.

    Anyhow the leader of children's church ended up being really great. She said if Ollie became a problem, they could assign one person to follow him around...and they could get me if needed. Thankfully, things ended up settling down and Ollie eventually did great.

    But it has made me FULLY aware of the church's need to broaden their horizons and include people that have kids with any disorder. I ended up talking to the children's leader and they said if their was a child with special needs they had a lady(who specialized in children with special needs) who could shadow the child. Unfortunately, no one has taken her up on the offer...yet. I think there are just a lot of people like you just waiting for the church to step up and openly address the situation and invite them. Because there is an epidemic out there and it's only getting worse.

    Stepping off my soap box.

  2. love love that mug! and your sweet boy is adorable!
    i'm so glad you were able to attend church. i feel Gods
    presence even more so when i'm at church, singing worship music
    and listening to His word. i can only imagine how happy your little
    heart was to be there. and He knows it Hannah. and He will find a way
    for you to be there again. He will.

    and say what?? etsy shop sale? you're killing me with all your cute stuff! xoxo

  3. oh, your weekend makes me happy! i am rejoicing at all the little moments filled with good things.
    love you.

  4. What a blessed weekend! I am glad you were able to spend some quality time with your family and at church surrounded by other believers. xoxo

  5. i am still rejoicing with you about sunday! i hope and pray that nourished your soul in a big, brimming over way!! and thank the Lord for your sweet parents and time spent with them. love ya, sweetie!!

  6. I have been eyeing some more earrings... there is a specific pair I'm hoping no one snatches up before I can make a purchase! :) And about Sunday, Girl, I am just SO happy for you!

  7. Priase God for church- at church, and Mama!

  8. I'm so thrilled you were able to enjoy church while your parents are here! Yay for awesome parentals! Thank you Mama for watching Elijah! Yippee for awesome times of worship! So happy for you guys!

    I am DYING over these new Fall-inspired earrings! I honestly can't decide which ones I want. DYING over here. Please don't sell them until I can decide. ;-D

  9. So glad you got to go to church. You must feel refreshed! We missed your parents yesterday but am so glad they are with you. It was a bit of a teary day saying goodbye to Peter & Emily. Miles' baptism and saying goodbye to Anna. And Lauren F. is going to California to college! Time for all of the birdies to be flying out of the nest.

  10. Hannah. Still so thankful you got to worship in church. I hope you are enjoying your parents and your mug. I love you and I also really love your new earrings. You are so KA.

  11. Hannah! My heart was bursting when I saw your pic on IG that you were able to be in church yesterday. :) seriously. best moment of my day. :)

    what a neat little opportunity God designed amidst this season of you life.
    continually praying for you and your fam and your opportunities to fellowship :) love you.

  12. It is worth it despite some of the horrible experience some people give us. But corporate worship can be uplifting. Thank God you made it. And I pray you find peace among them.
    Following you via GFC from Gracelaced link up.

  13. Awwww Hannah how precious! You don't have an idea how much it's spoke to me that you physically went to church!!! I haven't been able to do that for numerous reason....and shame on me I completly forgot the internet!!!!!!My hometown church in Florida has a live service on Sundays!!! SHAME!! I forgot! But, thank to JESUS!your post spoke to my soul!!! I am praying for a local church to go with Miguel and Caleb and I know he will answer my prayer in the mean time I will re - conect with my church via internet! Praises to HIM! Thanks for sharing sweet friend!

  14. There's just something about worshipping with others... I can't put my finger on it, but I love it. It's just great for a group of people to get together to glorify our God. There's nothing better!

  15. so very happy you were able to get to church this weekend. God WILL grant you the desires of your heart, he is SO good.
    I loved reading about your happy weekend.
    love you

  16. your dad is cute. :-)

    glad you got to worship at a church building with the church. we the church (your blog family) loves you, prays for you, delights in you, and hopes for you in the LORD.

  17. Yay for a great Sunday!!!! I am so happy you all were able to worship in fellowship ~ how sweet! And shaved ice is the BOMB!!

  18. sounds like a really lovely sunday with uniquely filled things! Your dad is adorable!!!