Tuesday, July 10, 2012

ten on ten {july 2012}

well, hey there. you look mighty fine this evening.

today was ten on ten. a photo an hour, for ten consecutive hours. it's legit.

when i woke up this morning, i felt like i was recovering from face surgery. 
my head ached incredibly bad.
so, i ignored my husband and child and passed out until 10am.

praise the lord, my headache was gone in a few hours, 
and i feel like taking these photos helped in a huge way. 

beginning at 10:30ish, here are my ten:

elijah participated in a book exchange. chain letter style. only not annoying.
this was his first book to arrive! he was ridiculously excited to tear into the box, 
and since it belonged to him, actually get to keep what was inside.
we read it tonight at bedtime. it's super cute.
truth be told, i am far from a kipper fan. but this book makes me almost like him.

several cups happened today. when patrick's off work, like today, 
i usually park myself on the end of the couch, by the windows. drink coffee and chatter with elijah. 
it's a good life.

i fixed elijah his favorite gourmet lunch, and gave him my favorite fork.
and by gourmet i mean, chicken nuggets, carrot sticks, apples and chocolate milk.

i scribbled out my grocery list, collected a few coupons and prayed my headache would go away.

the lord answered. i believe he gave me the starbucks idea.
i had a venti shaken black iced tea, unsweetened. it hit the spot. i felt healed.

not quite healed. but after grocery shopping and saving $27.50 with coupons? 
i felt super good. praise jesus.

at home we lounged around, watched some gumby on netflix with elijah.
as for this scene i captured, i have no idea what is going on. gumby got into some sort of mess?
with a hedgehog bird? in a playroom?
no matter. eg is in looooove with gumby and pokey. he thinks they're hilarious.
elijah loves anything claymation. shaun the sheep, wallace and gromit and chicken run were his gateway to gumby love.

we headed back out, visited the arcade and the gap. where i found these boss swim trunks for elijah.

fries date with my favorite guys. we get one order to share and water with lemon. just over three bucks.
best treat ever. at least elijah thinks so!

while patrick was getting elijah bathed, i sat on our stoop for some quiet time.
i just enjoyed the beautiful evening light, and a coconut la croix, of course.
p.s. i mentioned on instagram that the paper straws i bought at target were less than awesome.
seems to be that one straw was lame. all the others? wonderful, sturdy and cute as ever.
so, stop by the target party aisle and snag a pack for yourself. you've earned it. or something.

so, did you join in on the ten on ten fun?


  1. I know that I've been absent from the blogiverse for a while now, but I just wanted to pop back in and say that it's wonderful and refreshing to get these little snippets of your life, Hannah-dear!

  2. Your pictures make a normal day look extravagant. ;)

  3. What a fun day...
    I'm glad the headache went away, Praise God!
    Gumby is such a flashback... Love him too.
    I also love the idea of a book exchange... I may have to implement in my classroom this year.

  4. I took three pictures today. Got busy. Forgot I started. Fail
    Those swim trunks are totally boss.

  5. oh those little peas and carrot on that fork, and gumby! be still, my heart.

    i so wish we were close and could do a few afternoons together now and then. (or, you know, every day. that works for me too.)


  6. Golly that was so fun! My girl and I need to venture out today.

  7. Gumby on Netflix?! I had no idea! Thanks for sharing that little awesomeness!

    That pic of Elijah eating fries just kills me! Too cute!

  8. what a fun day! def much more fun than what my day would look like. a little quiet time are always so nice!

  9. hannah. i fully approve of your cat free mug.
    i am so happy you got your 10 on 10 in, despite your headache of doom.

    i also am eternally glad that you got those swim shorts for elijah.
    i have a crush on them. they are so stinking cute.
    i would totally make my imaginary kid wear them.

    also, gumby always makes me think of my dad. he'd turn it on if i woke up too early and he was doing his exercises in the living room. good memories for sure.

    love you. happy wednesday!

  10. Yay for Starbucks visions from the Lord who heals in all kinds of ways, and for that beautiful store with the big Red Dot!
    I love that you love straws so much. WE are a straw family Fo Sho! I have a fancy old school diner straw holder and everything ;)

  11. Have I mentioned my La Croix addiction? All because of you. And thats just with lime. I can't even try coconut. I'm afraid there will be no turning back. And I love your porch. And chicken nuggets. And you.

  12. Hedgehog bird! Too funny! And by the way, my Target finally has Peach Pear La Croix. Oh, yes.

  13. I love the book exchange idea...and it makes me smile that Elijah loved it too. I pray you got complete relief from your headache and I'm glad you were able to get some quiet time...with a cute straw no less!

  14. Book exchange for kids? What a great idea! Glad your headache went away and you had a fun day shopping and snacking with your beautiful family.

  15. I'm not sure how I found your blog - Instagram, maybe? But I really enjoyed this post! I stay home with my son and some days, I couldn't tell you what we did if my life depended on it. This would be a fun way to document. Also, I covet your owl mug :)

  16. why don't you like kipper?? we recently started watching and jake lovesss it. and i love that he loves it bc it means 20 minutes of free time. praise the Lord. what's elijah's fav?

  17. also not a kipper fan. love coffee, target, etc. i have some great claymation fodder for eg. can't wait to get our books too! lots of love:)

  18. oh hannah....i SO get the whole headache thing! i struggle with those and they can mess up the whole day. sbux and target to the rescue?! you are a genius :) and i totes didn't know that coconut was a flav of la croix. sounds like good stuff!

  19. I REALLY need that owl mug. It's adorable and belongs in my house. Thanks in advance.

    Also, your son is stinkin' adorable. his cuteness slays me when you post pics of him.

    I added the party straws to my grocery list asap now that you've said they're redeemed. I don't drink anything cold without a straw, and cute straws I just know will make everything taste better.

  20. starbucks and target is definately my kind of healing. :)