Wednesday, July 04, 2012

sweet land of liberty

grateful for this beautiful country, god bless the US!

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happy fourth of july!
{from little me!}

"Great King of nations, hear our prayer,
While at your feet we fall,
And humbly, with united cry,
To you for mercy call

The guilt is ours, but grace is yours,
O turn us not away;
But hear us from your lofty throne,
And help us when we pray.

Our fathers' sins were manifold,
And ours no less we own,
Yet wondrously from age to age
Your goodness has been shown

When dangers, like a stormy sea,
Beset our country round,
To you we looked, to you we cried,
And help in you was found

With one consent we meekly bow
Beneath thy chast'ning hand,
And, pouring forth confession meet,
Mourn with our mourning land.

With pitying eye behold our need,
As thus we lift our prayer;
Correct us with your judgments, Lord,
Then let your mercy spare."

{John H. Gurney 1838}


  1. aw, little you is just as adorable as right-now-you! happy fourth, my dear!! so glad to be navigating this life alongside friends like you.

  2. super cute! happy day sweet friend!

  3. "Yet wondrously from age to age
    Your goodness has been shown."

    Such a great lyric. So true.

    Hope you are having a wonderful 4th! The picture is so darling! :)

  4. That's me next to Hanner-Nanner! I'm famous!!!