Thursday, July 12, 2012

some days i let stress pierce through my tough-girl skin, where it quickly finds its home of unrest in my heart.
yesterday was one of those days.

when i wasn't grinding my teeth, i was grumbling through them.
i felt a strong hatred for my misbehaving hair, trees that make me sneeze and all the people who were in my way at the store.
my tone when spoken to was short and sassy. my nagging and whining redundant...even purposefully hurtful.
and it was everybody else with the problem, not me.

no one grouched back at me. no one left me on my own to flounder in my stress and ugly alone.
my sweet husband and precious boy just hung around all day, playing together and loving me.

once we were home from our busy day out, we set up a bubble gun and headed for our stoop.
a charming breeze brushed our cheeks and swept the bubbles to the street corner and beyond.
elijah giggled and marveled at the magic that shot from his little neon gun.

i began to feel calm. then i began to feel sad.
heartbroken that i nearly wasted a practically perfect day with my irritability and hen-pecking.

i sat there with my family, patrick and i both trying to capture the cuteness with our phone cameras.
prayed that jesus would turn me from my stressed-out, selfishly aggravated attitude, and help me offer grace and love in its place.
we soaked up the last moments of the day together, cheerfully.
it was a beautiful night.

and i'm grateful i woke again this morning, with a fresh day to offer love and joy, and deny the entrance of stress.
he is good.

on the day i called, you answered me;
my strength of soul you increased.
{psalm 138:3}


  1. Ahhh ... for fresh, new starts, daily (Lamentations 3:22-23). Gotta love 'em!

  2. I have those days too. I completely understand the wasted day feelings. Lucky for us, god has grace and most people do a lot of this time, too, especially when they love us :)

  3. those kinds of days are tough. :( but isn't it so wonderful to know that His mercies are new every morning! :)

  4. you always hit the nail on the head with me. are you secretly living in my head? please, no. it's sure to look like a mess! praise my sweet savior for grace and mercy and new mornings! (which by the way will have to be tomorrow since we've gone south today)

  5. "Mercies new every morning," and with bubbles and cool breezes.

    happens to me, too,, too.

    "My strength of soul you increased" LOVE! i need that plastered somewhere, to remember that when i call he answers and comes to my rescue. :-)

    you are beautiful. Jesus in you is beautiful.

  6. wasting a day with being irritable... oh Honey, I have done that all too often. I wish I could give you a hug :)

  7. thanks for the honesty. i've been a bit stressed and short myself the last few days...all the while feeling horrible and guilty about it...i had to keep turning it over to the Lord constantly. it's worth battling. press on girlie!!!!

  8. We ALL have those days. Beautiful verse. Thank you for sharing.

  9. thankful for new mornings as the sun rises each day! grace is amazing, huh?!! love you and your beautiful HEART!!!

  10. I love you Hannah girl.
    Love the pic of e-boy. I think miles has those shorts.
    Really love your honesty. It's been 105 all week. Scott worked 14 hour days every day. It's been a little much this time around and I've been super grump. I could always use this kind of encouragement. ;)

  11. I have been praying for a better, more patient attitude these last few days too. Glad your day turned around. Bubble and little people always help.

  12. oh, to get back all of the wasted days....
    i hear you, friend.
    so thankful for forgiveness and grace and mornings (or evenings!) full of new mercies!
    miss you, miss hannah!


  13. girl, I hear ya!
    been pouring rain all day, every day here this week!
    that equals being cooped up inside with toddler, baby & an irritable momma!

    needless to say, I've had to turn my attitude around a lot :)

  14. Gosh aren't new days the sweetest things and isn't it sweet too when the ones you love can see ya through any kind of day and love you still?

    I'm following ya now from the wiegand's, another blog that is so full of light and love and goodness. If you're up for a bit of a ride I'd love it if you'd join me at where we're riding the wave of life one little adventure at a time and are writing the stories as we go along. Every Friday we link up and share aloha if you're up for it we'd love to have you with us.

    Happiness Everyday.

  15. We all have bad days, and we all act less than sweet sometimes (I know I sure do). I love that you were able to find the beauty in your day and enjoy the rest of it. And thank the Lord for fresh starts every morning. Love you so much dear friend.

  16. Sometimes I can't believe our God. That his mercies truly ARE new each morning. That he not only hears our prayers, but answers them.

    He has been incredibly faithful to me and my daily whiny prayers.
    He is transforming you friend, keep seeking Him daily. Moment. Don't try to do it in your own strength. Lean into him.

    Lookie here, preaching to myself again.