Monday, July 09, 2012

let freedom ring

our fourth of july parade was rained on. literally.
thankfully, the storm clouds cleared and the sun fought to redeem the day.
god bless the us.

we stepped out our side door and caught our brave little parade of red white and blue.

a little perk of living downtown, prime parade viewing.
elijah was excited, wildly waving his flag. the boy loves his country.

with the rain gone, it was time to check out the festivities happening down the block.

elijah played at the little playground there 
and we all enjoyed fresh squeezed lemonade, fries and people watching.

 at first i was sad that elijah ran out of this shot. he was just so cute and sweaty.
then i saw this for the art it is. i named it 'patriot with lemonade'.

the thing is. my independence day was another exercise in contentment for me.
i had big dreams and high hopes of sunny fun and fireworks.
the day just turned out differently.

and it was a wonderful day all the same.

i'm grateful for my freedom here in this beautiful united states.
grateful for the price that was paid for me to enjoy laughs and music in 
my town square, water freely from a fountain and foot long corn dogs.

even stronger than my gratitude for this land of the free, i'm overwhelmed with the freedom i have in jesus. 
i will never get over the relentless grace of my savior. and i'll always tell his story in me. 
and god bless the us, where i can share just that.

how did you celebrate america's birthday? 
link up and share with us!


and oh, hey. a few new treats added to the shop, check it.

happiest monday to you!


  1. God bless the US & God Bless the freedom we have in Jesus! Love that you live downtown & get to see all the sights from your doorstep!
    And... Loving the new pretties in your shop!

  2. The best days are those that turn out different, and good.

    Have a sweet day friend!

  3. Every time you post about your little town, I get a little more obsessed with it. It just needs to scoot west a few thousand miles.

    Love you, Hannah!!!

  4. That picture of Patrick and E!!! Stop. It.

  5. i love 4th of july parade's. and i couldn't agree more...a free country is nice, but nothing compared to freedom in Christ. thanks for always pointing us to him.

  6. I know what you mean about it being an exercise in contentment- I missed all the fireworks because my phone died on the way to meet my group. But it was okay. Because, like you said, we have so much to be grateful for!

  7. Yes! It was an exercise of contentment for me as well. His grace is sufficient!!! Glad you had a beautiful 4th. And yay for freedom to eat corn dogs!!!

  8. hannah. this is all things wonderful.
    you really are living on Main Street USA.

    also. those corndogs.
    i need that booth outside my front door.
    are you on team corndog, but not team hot dog?

    at least we both agree about sawyer.
    now HE is all things right with america. ;)

    thanks for linking up and supporting friend! <3

  9. it is so so cool out your side door! out my side door is dirt. boring dirt.

    keep telling your stories of freedom...i love them!

  10. love all your pics!!!! looks like yall had so much fun, and so awesome that you got to see the parade so close up. :) what fun!! love you girl!! you da jam. :)

  11. Hannah. I think your pictures take the cake. For sure.
    That pic of Patrick and e.....oh my soul.

    And I love my freedom in Christ also.

    Thanks for supporting America and our linky.

  12. i would love to live downtown. lucky girl!

  13. Umm...WHO is the cutest cousin ever and included some especially made green and brown earrings with my recent order?? COUSIN HANNAH! You are the sweetest - thanks for being awesome. And seeing how beautiful and perfect all three sets of earrings are has almost convinced my girls to get their ears pierced. Almost.