Monday, July 16, 2012

happy monday!

at this point, 'happy' is what i'm working towards. not quite reality yet. how about you?
friends. if this day had feet, it would have two left ones. and it's only lunch time.

we began with maintenance being called. to break into our bedroom. that we were locked out of.
annnnnd i will refrain from recording any further fumbles. because seriously. it's not pretty.

so. let's chat about good stuff!

>>> <<<

first. i straightened up around here a bit. does your blog every drive you crazy? i've been feeling sort of 'all over the place',
and i am starting to fix that. beginning with, the most requested item: an about me page.
now clicking that <<< little photo and snippet will take you to more than you ever wanted to know. you're welcome?

also, elijah's adoption story is a little cleaner and easier to find, on its own page. still reachable through that little button >>>
but smoother to navigate each part of his story and a few other things, too.
it blesses my socks off, really. the emails i get from people who read or share our story with friends? wow.
to think that what i mainly wrote to have a little record for us, is encouraging so many others in their own adoption stories!
praise jesus!

 >>> <<<

saturday i visited the farmer's market. let's face it, the cucumber and zucchini were amazing, but this was the true prize.
i cannot get enough shaved ice.
bubble gum is my favorite flavor. tiger's blood(strawberry/coconut) is next. oh, and pina colada, cotton candy...
what flavors do you love?

elijah and i walked to the end of our block for some snacks. we have the cutest little organic grocery!
this trip was a big success. we found awesome tomatoes, walnuts and yogurt raisins. elijah loves his yogurt raisins.
the biggest success? elijah held my hand the entire time in the store. he even scooped his own snack from the bin.
and, he impressed me even more when he sat still on the bench outside to enjoy his treat. big deal, friends. so proud!

speaking of big deal.

elijah has been working on many things at occupational therapy. horizontal lines and circles for example.
he wouldn't even try to copy for the longest time. and since he's been trying so hard these last couple of months,
he is getting somewhere! any time i see him scribbling, i draw lines and circles there and encourage him to draw them too.
a few days ago, he did his best work yet. we're super encouraged, obviously :)

so. i'm thinking on these incredible things today, along with this that i read earlier:

answer me quickly, o lord! my spirit fails!
hide not your face from me,
lest i be like those who go down to the pit.
let me hear in the morning of your steadfast love,
for in you i trust.
make me know the way i should go,
for to you i lift up my soul.
deliver me from my enemies, o lord!
i have fled to you for refuge.
teach me to do your will,
for you are my god!
let your good spirit lead me
on level ground.
{psalm 143:7-10}

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  1. Oh the early interventionist inside me just cheered and high-fived for elijah!

    leaps and bounds!

    love you.


  2. Happy Monday hannah. Praying for you while I sit at my desk this morning.
    Hope to hear your voice later.

    Praise the Lord for his little miracles, may they increase your faith today!

  3. Yes, Happy Monday...This is such an inspiration. Good job Elijah!!!! What a sweet blessing. Have a happy week. Mica @ The Childs Paper

  4. my daughter LOVES yogurt raisins. I always tell my husband they are baby crack!

  5. Happy is what I"m working TOWARDS here too lately. Sheesh! But, looks like again, when we look for those small things, we do find happy.

    Praying your day gets better!!!!!

  6. Clearly, Mr. E is a big deal.
    Of course he is.

    Happy Monday to you too!


  7. banana is my favorite flava.

    we had to call maintenance yesterday and we felt so bad having to do that bt something had to be done some nasty stuff was flooding the shower and bath tub. eeek!

    think on the blessing friend & i hope the remainder of your day is golden.

    love ya!

  8. Yay! Each step, however small, is an encourgement. Praise the Lord!

  9. Stopping by from the Bits of Splendor link up. That shaved ice looks divine. I am so encouraged by all the scripture you have on your blog. I'd be nowhere without Him too :)

  10. i was so happy when i saw that E was doing so well with his drawing via instagram. :)
    i knew it totally blessed your sweet mama heart.
    thank you, Lord, for that little(or BIG) encouragement.
    you are a wonderful mama.
    and i struggle with 'happy' somedays(alot), too.
    the joy of the Lord is my strength, but i let SO many things get in the way.
    i'll pray for BOTH of us!

  11. i just love reading your posts. always so real and yet always pointing to Christ. I love how you choose to be grateful and see him in all aspects of your day. you are a blessing!

  12. Hooray Elijah!! He looks so cute sitting there on that bench! Hope your day gets better. Praying for more circles and lines.

  13. So proud of big e*!!!!!

    *new nickname

  14. "if this day had feet, it would have two left ones. and it's only lunch time."<<<< CRACKED ME UP! You are so funny. Such a great attitude. I admire you Hannah! Like someone else said--always pointing to Jesus and I love that about you!