Tuesday, July 24, 2012

happy day {make it happen}


it doesn't even need to be summer, an icee is a welcomed treat on any day of the year.
for me anyway. and my sister, too! kinda like, our love language. 

sometimes i take my sister a treat. sometimes i wish i could take everyone a treat. too many times?
i don't care about anyone other than myself.

there are many days that i feel it's impossible to do something for anyone else. 
i feel like i am barely managing here, with my own family's needs.
i've come to believe that it's a lie. that i can't give a little happy to a friend. or a stranger. it isn't true.
i may not be able to get extravagant with a thoughtful gesture, but that isn't even what the point is, right?

remember the happy day project?

i've been trying to make that our normal. to give some happy away, as often as possible.
icees to share with a sister are wonderful. but it's also super easy.

how do you do with those you don't know?
do you think of offering them an icee? or even a hello and a smile?
this may not come easily to you. so put it on the calendar, as an event.
{i'm more likely do get things done that way, if i plan!}
for starters, choose one day a week that you, you and your kids, you and your dog...
will take the time to give some happy away. 

some fun ideas can be found in those happy day project posts...
and i am confident that you have awesome ideas of your own!

a cold drink
a homemade snack
sharing coupons at the grocery
paying for coffee of the person behind you in line
 there is nothing to small, you have something to share.

there are so many around us. family, friends, and total strangers.
we all love to be noticed, to be cared for even in the smallest of ways.
so let's begin, or revisit, this habit of thoughtfulness toward those in our path.
don't hide our lights. shine them brightly on others, share your happy.
and i challenge you to even share what you're so happy about!
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speaking of happy and giving...
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and one more thing...i'm taking a little break from the shop, so if you want something, today is the day.
otherwise, it'll ship august 1st!


  1. I needed this reminder today my friend. I need to be more intentional about doing happy little things for others.

    ps. when my little sister babysits nolan I pay her with a slurpee. or an iced coffee. its our love language too :)

  2. You are always such a good encouragement. Love you.


    Sorry I forgot to send my button, I will do it today.

  3. ok.

    you and are lost sisters. my blog from yesterday is on this very matter.

    also, you and I are struggling. what? I don't like icees. HUH?

    tis true. they give me a headache. not a brain freeze, a headache. even just a sip.

    it is such a tragedy, really. you know, in the land of being a cool parent and all.


  4. Hannah. This is why I love reading your blog.
    Because I feel the same way.
    I feel like I'm barely managing my own life, let alone the ministries and people and family and friends I'm committed to.
    Like, when my dishes aren't done, my bed is piled high with two weeks worth of clothes, the bookkeeping is piling up, and my couch looks like pinterest exploded. I'm like um, how on EARTH can I do anymore when I'm not even doing anything. Hahah.

    I get it.

    I also like to treat people.
    It's way more fun.
    Just like the little teabag that came in my recent order.
    It makes my heart swell. Over one stinking teabag.
    You are a VERY thoughtful person Miss Hannah.

    This comment isn't even coherent.

    But I love you.
    And your big heart. :) Thank you.

  5. This is great! And so true! It doesn't have to be buying someones entire grocery loot, but one kind gesture passed along could change the world! Or at least brighten someones day for sure!!!! Thank you for the reminder!

  6. LOVE this...and needed it. Been feeling like I have nothing to offer lately. Thank you for the reminder that it simply isn't true. I'm off to check out some of the ideas you supplied. THANK YOU!

  7. leaving coupons right by a the product at the supermarket is my favorite! i imagine the next person coming up to it and finding them and making their day. it makes me happy to think of that.