Monday, July 02, 2012

grace {always enough}

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well. praise jesus, elijah has been faithfully taking his antibiotic!
this was more than a chore at first, so what a huge blessing!
he seems to feel so much better, the strep throat didn't hold him back too much either.
it was nice having him plopped on the couch for a few hours at a time. yes. i said hours. #hallelujah

when he wasn't being a couch potato, he was causing his usual, adorable mischief.

elijah loves tape. he's been through every roll in the house, so i decided to share my washi tape with him.

i gave him a roll of a color i use rarely. and now won't use at all :)
goodness he had fun! so worth it, for a little joy during our sick days stuck inside.

sweet as he is. calm as he was. there were also an abundance of meltdowns. from both of us.

the lord provided me with extra strength and extra patience.
he reminded me of the bright side. but i am so human. and so tired.

saturday night, i was completely worn thin. i'll spare you the details :)
my attitude was not right and i declared i cannot do another day stuck inside this apartment with my sick kiddo!

after midnight, elijah fell asleep just before. pfft.
i remembered that i never checked the mail!
patrick stepped out to gather it, and returned with two things for me.
i love mail. especially encouraging mail! #godblesstheUSPS

one thing i received was from my sweet friend aly.

the cutest mini hoop from her shop, and a timely word.


i shared it last week, and i needed to see it again right then.
even a late mailbox check is ordained by my gracious, watchful jesus.

i'm so grateful for the lord reminding me over and over through this small difficulty, he gives enough.
through the raging storms, in the deepest valleys, and even in a week of strep throat.
the lord provides grace, exactly fit for the moment.

 be merciful to me, o god, be merciful to me,
for in you my soul takes refuge;
in the shadow of your wings i will take refuge,
till the storms of destruction pass by.
{psalm 57:1}


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  1. His grace IS sufficient and I am so thankful for that! :)

  2. God bless the mail! It pulls many through many tough days!

    So glad you're here sweet friend!

  3. Those things always shine their light when you need it the most!

  4. Oh my goodness, I am SO acited you linked up sweet hannah.
    I always love your posts, but yes. God's grace. My goodness. I am always needing to be reminded that it is mine---ours, to take EVERY day.
    I love that you were blessed with something special from sweet Aly. I love how God does things like that and you my friend are so deserving of sweet gifts like that.

  5. God's timing never ceases to amaze me. :)

  6. amen for Grace. upon Grace.
    it IS sufficient, isn't it?

    also, friends like Aly are awesome.
    what a perfect encouragement.

    little boys and washi tape - im pretty sure katygirl knows about that parenting technique as well. it sounds like a good one. adding it to my book for future reference. :) #nojoke

    i hope the strep peaces out ASAP and you guys are back in action in no time.

    also. excellent reason for a coupon code. EXCELLENT.

  7. UMMM YOU SHARED YOUR WASHI TAPE???!!! BEST MOM EVERRRRR. Sorry about the sickness - summer sickies are the hardest. And I loooove grace. And I'm using that coupon code. Right this very second.

  8. God's timing is just so awesome. I know that there are times when I see a verse and it touches me but then I don't refer back to it over and over like I should. I'm so grateful God placed that gift in front of you just when you needed it!

  9. i love that He provided that sweet reminder of His grace for you through Aly's sweet package! He is SO good. so so good. :)

  10. mommy/son meltdowns happen around here too. Oh what a marvelous truth: that His grace is sufficient...that it is victorious in our feebleness. thanks for linking up, friend. it was lovely to have you!

  11. You are a nice momma, sharing your tape like that. :)

  12. Love the tape idea. Really. My kiddos would love to play like that. And BTW--I LOVE mail. Lol.
    And love your post.

  13. Love when God steps in just when you feel you can't go on, awesome! Glad you were blessed by a lovely friend!