Friday, July 27, 2012

coffee break {links for you}

oh, hey.
i've got some fun links to share this happy friday!

grab another cup of coffee or pour some lemonade, and get settled in for a sweet browsing session!

one day my friend shared this beautiful blog and i can't stop loving their life in a tiny apartment series.

i don't have business cards yet. but i feel like it's high time, and are these darling or what?

carissa vacationed in northern california and came home with fabulous photos. so beautiful you'll cry.

speaking of beautiful and crying. this post blessed my soul so deeply.

this girl can rock a party. davi shared sweet details of a perfectly darling baby shower.

i love these.

and of course, this too.

coconut + lemon = heaven. these lemon bars from noshing with the nolands need to happen here. quick like.

what interesting things caught your online eye this week?


  1. well, gasp! how fun to see my picture smack dab, right there. thank you, my dear. you are such a sweet gem. and that dresser, i adore! sometimes i want a tiny apartment just to start over in the furniture dep't. : ) have a happy weekend, my dear. i'll be working on my post... praying for inspiration to strike stat! : )

  2. as always I loved all your links. :) LOVED the moving words from Handmade Recess (why have I not been following her yet? am now duh. :) ) and I loved the precious baby shower! thanks hannah banana!! love u

  3. such great links! i have fun browsing.

    and oh my goodness you are too sweet to include me in there. you are a doll:)

  4. Loved your photos!~ off to read your links :)

  5. You could make those business cards in a snap! I love them-!

  6. Those lemon bars look awesome!

    Julie @ Naptime Review

    Oh Mom's Monday Mingle is happening. In case you haven't linked up!

  7. That bunting is ridiculous! I'm in love. xoxo