Friday, July 20, 2012

coffee break {links for you}

happy friday, fancy friends!
how's your week been?

i'm ready for a coffee break and some links. it's been too long!
mostly because, i've been to busy to read or find any fun stuff recently.
this week though, i managed to gather some goodness for us.

so. pour yourself a fresh cuppa and browse with me:

a fun little painted blocks project via hello bee

vacation on a branch is a sweet way to display your sweet memories.

six cute and encouraging free printables here.

saw this mac & cheese recipe on pinterest. it's a goodie. i add extra shredded parm, fyi :)

{i know these will be amazing. we have a little chocolate shop just down the block from us...they make chippers. 
chocolate covered potato chips. so good. as is every thing they make. visit me and we'll go there!}

you've probably read this, but in case you missed it:
jami lowered the boom on modesty with the trouble with looking sexy and more in part two.

my friends at hope church of san mateo have a big dream for bringing food and the gospel to sudan.
soon you'll be hearing more about this. for now, go ahead and help #hope4sudan here

i love the fresh, classic look and fun colors of these happy notes from tokketok.

and i bet y'all didn't know this, but i have always wished i had talent like this:

sale! enter HAPPY20 at checkout to save 20% off in the shop today, until 8pm central time!
y'all. i'm so close to 100 sales. i am overwhelmed by the love that has been shown for my shop.
and because i'm grateful, i'm giving that hundredth sale a special treat. i've collected a few of my
favorite little things for the sweet soul who takes me to triple digits. who will it be?! 
{i hope it's you!}


  1. jami's posts on modesty were great, weren't they? love those diy blocks. hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Those note cards are the cats meow!! I love them!! They are sold out, but I bet they are blessing the USPS right this instant.

    Love you. Xoxo

  3. love the neon colors of those blocks!!

  4. those cookies have me totally intrigued. i think i need to try them.
    and those note cards are fanflippingtastic.

  5. i was missing your coffee links....looking forward to sitting down later and checking them all out.

  6. hannah. thanks for help spreading the word about hope4sudan. :) seriously!

    also, i will send you something so you have more to share. :)

    potato chips in cookies. yes. 1,000 times yes.

  7. i am dying to get a long board they are easier going than a skate board.i could ride for days. ha!

    love your links. jami's posts were fab.

    happy weekend.

  8. Thanks, sweet child of mine. I don't know where that came from. But I love you. And now I'm thinking of Axel.


  9. As IF I needed one more reason to want to visit you.

    You are fun with a cherry on top.


  10. you have a chocolate shop down the block!? that's it...i'm moving.

  11. Just found your blog and loved looking around. From your scripture to your heart for Africa, I was very impressed... THEN I noticed that you love Jami Nato, and that made me love this blog even more!

    Come check out my blog sometime.