Tuesday, July 03, 2012

{beautiful eulogy}

friends, i just wanted to share my current favorite album with y'all.

three of my most favorite artists from a favorite label have united as beautiful eulogy.

um. i am over the moon.
hip-hop-meets modern-meets folk...and bringing glory to jesus.

sweet for you and me, their newly released project is available from humblebeast for free.
download 'satellite kite' here and know the jam i love.

{if you love it like we do, consider supporting these fine men by purchasing
the hardcopy from the humblebeast shop or even from itunes!}

and here's the part where i share the beautiful video they uploaded yesterday!

the song is 'entitlement' and these are their words about the song:
(click image to enlarge)

listen up now, you need to hear this. enjoy!

happy tuesday!
 how have you been encouraged lately?
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  1. ! I haven't had a chance to listen yet (at work!), but the way you described them sounds like I'd love them! Thanks for introducing them :)

  2. never heard of them. But i'm going now to check them. Yippee..i love finding new music! thank you for this jam and love you.

  3. never heard of them! thanks for sharing...the are so fresh and different from the same old stuff of the Christian radio station. LOVE IT!

  4. um i am so crazy about this!! just ordered a hard copy...thanks for sharing, sister!! mmm, good stuffff!

  5. Brilliant. How do you find this stuff?? :)

  6. I LOVE this hannah, such amazing lyrics, so glad I listened. thanks for sharing this with us!
    Do you like Derek Webb? He has really challenging beautiful lyrics--there is a song by him called King In a Kingdom, if you have time check it out, so so good.

    Can't wait to share this with my husband and daughter;)

  7. thanks for sharing mrs hannah! they are so close to home too :) can't wait to share with my hubs and kids!

  8. Wow! Making the Message relevant and appealing to the next generation. Cool stuff.