Thursday, July 19, 2012

a little post about nothing and something, all at once.

almost exactly this time last year, i was enjoying that bucket of fries with my two favorite fellas.
we were at the beach in maryland, watching seagulls hunt for scraps and kids chasing waves.
if i think hard enough, i can taste those fries and smell that ocean breeze. delightful. man, i miss those fries.

that trip was the last time i saw my dad. and after over a year, i will see my sweet pops again.
he's arriving next month. yeah, my mom is coming, too. and that's great, but she visits more often.
so the true excitement here is, the kingfish boss. let's be real. sorry, mama.

i'm excited about hearing his voice in person, he has a legit voice. the soothing, southern kind.
i hear him speak nearly every week via the internets. he might be my favorite preacher.
chats with my dad? they are informative, thoughtful and witty. to the max.

i'm looking forward to being on vacation. because when my parents are here, that's what it is.
my kitchen will be extra busy and my child extra wild, but it will be a magical time.

speaking of magical, my sister is only a few weeks away from having her second baby girl.
can't wait to see what this sweet baby will look like. will she have a huge head and pretty face like her mama? 
and what super cute name will she get?

you know. i was thinking. about how random my thoughts are. and that i feel free to share them here.

there are so many things that occupy my mind day to day, that never make the blog, or anywhere beyond my own mind.
i think it's important to keep much to myself, that's why i only share a fraction here.

there are a few things though, that i know i could share. even should share, sometime. with someone.
but i don't feel secure to open a number of discussions here. i'm not confident i could ever do them justice.
i feel inadequate, ill-equipped to speak and foster discourse on certain topics.

so. although i am quite passionate about things like marriage, gender roles, theology, politics...
it's likely that i'll only ever talk at length about those in person.

this is where i keep glimpses of god's grace. some of my story, a few of my thoughts and plenty of my favorite things.

like my family. and fries.


  1. And I love reading the thoughts you share. Have fun with your dad (and mom!).

    We have a new granddaughter and there's just too much cuteness going on around here. ;) Hope the baby arrives on her due date!

  2. Hannah, it is sweet that you connect with people the way that you do. Your blog is fantastic and well balanced, I love it.

    I adore sweet little babies!!! I was convinced my son was going to have all of the dominant features that his daddy has, dark hair and dark eyes - boy was I surprised when he came out with blonde hair and blue eyes - he was perfect!

  3. Hooray or your parents coming to town! I know exactly what you mean about the sharing here - only a few things make it and a lot of my opinions on more worldly things don't. Man those fries look tasty!

  4. You make me think about fries so much more than I need to.

    Also, I went and bought those dang straws from Target. They are in my desk drawer at work. Don't they get mushy so fast? They do. But they are so fun, I don't mind it.

    Hooray for visits from Daddies!


  5. Those fries are making my mouth water! Hope you enjoy your time with y our parents!

  6. So enjoying your your pure and refreshing....thank you.blessings

  7. Sounds like it's going to be a beautiful, refreshing time with family! (and those french fries- I totally want to get some for lunch now!)

    And I totally agree with what you said about being passionate about topics... but not able to do them justice on the internet. I definitely prefer face-to-face conversations for topics like that. They can be divisive and that's never something I want to cause.

  8. Beautifully said, that last part about some thoughts not making it beyond our own minds. It is important to cherish certain things. How fun to have your family visiting! Mine just left two days ago :(

  9. hope your time is full to the brim with lots of LOVE. i have a great feeling it will be! so happy for you.

  10. I understand completely about keeping certain thoughts to yourself,and not sharing just everything that pops to mind or happens in our everyday world. I have a world of things that I'm not ready to put on public display--yet! have a wonderful time with your family--and maybe you'll find some good fries to go with it!

  11. I'm so happy to hear you get some time with your folks. I know my visits get more and more precious with my parents as those years pass on. Your dad sounds pretty great. Enjoy your time together. Xoxo

  12. han- you're great. so glad you'll see your dad soon. i miss mine so much sometimes and look forward to seeing him even if it's once a year. if i think about it too much i'll cry. so i wont. also, i can't wait until october so i can hear your thoughts on all of those subjects IN PERSON!! :)

  13. a year without seeing your dad? i couldn't do it.
    especially the way you talk about him.

    i'm so glad for you that you are seeing him so VERY soon.
    and that through the miracle (seriously, MIRACLE) of technology you can hear him each week.
    what an incredible joy that must be! :)

    love you hannah. can't wait to hear about your pops reunion.

  14. oh, enjoy seeing your dad! i get the being "excited about hearing his voice in person." it's crazy but even i feel that way about my dad (whose mentally ill and resides in a state hospital). his voice is a home i once knew. when i think about that i think about God's voice and that it will will be home.

    enjoy your vacation.

    and oh i get it so much i think that i would not be able to formulate well on the ol' blog so i don't share that either. but wouldn't it be fun to sit at your chocolate shop down the block and REALLY talk. really share "jesus in me meeting with the jesus in you." someday. someday...when we're Home, in that familiar Voice..oh the conversations we WILL HAVE!