Monday, July 23, 2012

a few things {miscellany monday!}

this past week was super difficult.
and perhaps some of the crazy stressful things that happened will one day soon make funny blog posts.
none of it is that funny yet though :) patrick has been out of town. and that pretty much says it all.
he is home today, and i am grateful to the max!!

i packed up some shop orders, one of which was my 100th sale! big excitement for me!

god has been so good to us through my little etsy business.
what began as a way for me to hopefully have money to do something fun?
well, it turns out that it was going to be how the lord provided for us often this summer. we have needed nearly every bit.
i'm overwhelmed with his careful provisions and great love for me. and all the sweet people who have purchased earrings,
you bless my socks clean off, you know! so yes. just incredibly thankful, and excited about continuing on!

i also stayed up way too late one night last week and made some new earrings.

pop over and check out the new listings! even buy them all, i won't mind.

these little ones are my favorites i think, then these.

living in the heart of downtown means, a few times a week we enjoy some sort of action up close and personal.
conversations about cheating boyfriends, how to roll a joint, and decisions being made about which hottie to bring home.
all that and more happens right outside my bedroom window.
sometimes, we get blessed with knocks on the door.
most times it's not funny when that happens, as it's the wee hours of the morning.
sometimes though, it cracks me right up.

over the weekend, i had a pair of cute little older ladies tap on my porch door. i answered and greeted them,
anticipating to give directions to the chocolate shop or a restaurant down the street, which is usual.

well, these two guests were not in the best of moods. they were looking for their late tour bus,
and needed me to tell them where i'd seen it.
i explained that i hadn't seen a tour bus, and they told me i must have, because they are meeting it right here.
i apologized again for not knowing and pointed them to the bakery across the street, a cool place to wait for their bus.
they insisted again that i could not have missed their bus, i "must have seen it through the windows".
i was smiling so big, trying not to laugh and wondering if these gals were planning to leave me be or force me to find their bus...
when the bus pulled up! good gracious, there it was in all its touring glory. lots of other people began to converge at the bus,
and the little ladies left me, without a word. i closed my door, and had a laugh.

i needed that laugh, y'all.

my sister and her husband celebrated five married years on saturday. this is me and my babe from their wedding day.
i was thinking on how beautiful that day was, and how hard it was for me.
i was recovering from abdominal surgery and my little baby sister was getting married away.
here we are five years later, so many changes in all of our lives. so much growth. and more to come.
i love looking back, don't you? so much to be grateful for!

what are you grateful for today?

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  1. I just love reading your posts. That's all. You're free to roam now.

  2. Sorry for the tough days. Glad your husband is home now. The little old ladies story cracked me up. What do you mean? You don't sit at the window all day??? Hugs.

  3. Oh I hope your week is so much better than last week & that you get to take some time for yourself today!

    Are you open to taking custom orders for earrings? I have a semi-weird request :)

  4. Ok, so I was sort of, kind of speed reading here and when I got to the picture of you and Patrick, I thought THAT was your sister. So I said "Wow, Hannah and her sister look JUST ALIKE!" That's what you get for speed reading. I went back and read the whole thing over slowly because I was sure if I had missed THAT, then I probably missed something else.

    Love you.


  5. I hear hubby is a traveling guy and it just is not the same without him here. Everything seems bigger..the kids seem louder, the weather seems hotter and my patients shorter. Loved the ladies story...cause you know it was your job to be "watching"...blessings


  6. love that picture of you two! gorgeous!!

    oh my heck... when daddy is away, the kids and mama go cray cray! : )

    kelly has three trips coming up in the next six weeks... which means he will be gone 20 days. i'm scared. God give me grace!

    i'm super happy your man is HOME! and that you got some rest this morning.

    praise the Lord! it's amazing how he provides, isn't it. i thought money from my photography would help pay down our medical debt, instead it has helped us survive. God is too amazing like that. i pray He continues to bless your shop and your talents!


  7. congratulations on your 100th sale on Etsy!! I must admitt your post gave me the itch to reopen my own shop... we'll see. today I am grateful for novacaine four hours at the dentist later I am deeply grateful!!

  8. Congratulations & Happy Anniversary!!! You have a beautiful smile and that picture speaks!

  9. I'm eternally grateful for the prayers of sweet and special friends last week. They were needed AND felt. :-D

  10. Well first off I am beyond grateful for you. I'm happy that your Etsy shop is so successful. I love the random story of the old ladies. Don't you think sometimes those lil old ladies, virtually strangers are "angels unaware" ? I DO.

  11. oh my goodness. love how you snapped a picture of those little old ladies too! hannah. you look beautiful. the picture made me realize that i hope we get to meet in person.. before heaven. although heaven sounds down right awesome today!
    praise the lord he is blessing the fruit of your hands with your etsy shop!!!
    we keep trying new things on ours. i recently found some natural wood beads and made a few necklaces to sale. lol.
    hope you have a restful blessed week friend.ox!

  12. I am grateful for all my sponsors! You do such a nice job with yours! People are lucky to be on your sidebar!

    Julie @ Naptime Review

  13. the old ladies?
    you two are way too cute.
    can't believe i get to see you this week!!!

  14. hannah, i just love reading your blog. keep it real, bloggy friend. i love it. jesus is using you, i just know it! thanks, too, for the big laugh :)

  15. I love your blog...and your earrings too!!