Monday, June 11, 2012

ten on ten {june 2012}

happy monday!

yesterday was the tenth of the month.
i finally remembered and followed through with a project i've been wanting to be a part of!

sweet rebekah hosts ten on ten.
ten hours of your day are documented on the hour with a photo.
read more here and join the party next month!

here are my ten on ten.
i remembered and began at 1pm :)

elijah. what can i say. stained shirt and holey jeans.
and he loves his batman winter hat from when he was one.
also. the boy needs a cape.

dinosaur convention. with special guest, the webbed wonder.

rained nearly all day. it was a nice rain. elijah hopped out the door to check it out. about every five minutes.

my sister stopped in-with fresh bread from the bakery. i like it warmed, with honey and butter. oh yes.

elijah sits on his bookshelf and points out all the fun things he sees. he's getting so great with his words. amen.

early evening bath time. loud singing was involved. by both of us.

'special drink'. laced with melatonin. the secret to peaceful rest for all. it has changed our lives. amen.

the rain ended. country music blared from the bar up the street. 

patrick was at a work dinner. so i cleared leftovers from the fridge. i party hard like that.

i told patrick that if he saw any blizzards on his way home, he could grab one. wouldn't bother me at all.

{and you must know. i needed that. long day stuck inside plus my handsome husband shaved his beard this morning.
clean off.
this happens so rarely, that i barely recognize him without it. it messes me up, like whoa.}

at 11:00pm, a bonus shot: i enjoyed an episode of LOST on dvd with my hunnie-pie.
it was a sweet way to close the weekend.

did you share your ten on ten? i'd love to see them!


  1. Ok I am laughing out loud!!! My hubby rarely shaves his beard either and whenever he does I'm like "whoa" too!!!!! I miss Lost!!! That was my fav show!! Your little guy is such a doll. Love his jammies!!

  2. kelly has shaved his beard totally off twice in the 8 years we have been married. i felt like i suddenly was sleeping next to a stranger. did not like it at all. blizzards would have helped. you are a smartie. woo hoo for e and his words!! that is exciting and i can imagine encouraging! praise Jesus!!

  3. Woo hoo for melatonin. I am so glad you and Elijah are getting the rest you need!!

  4. Amen to all of those Amens. Baby steps, baby. Baby steps!

    LOST? I love thee. I do.


  5. You have the cutest boy! And I love the bathroom! I know, I'm weird, but you made it so cheery and cute! Also, I think a pic of Patrick as a facial baldie might be a must-see. Just sayin'

  6. That picture of eg drinking that little drink just melts my heart! He's so stinkin' cute!

  7. Perfect post! See!! You can do it. ;) love all the pics. Love Lost. First time watching?

    So so thrilled about e's words. Love how good God is.

  8. Your day looks so very calming. Your son is so cute and the action figure shot sums up my life. Ha! That is all my 4 year old likes to do. Well... and legos, too.

    Great set!


  9. your house is a party! beauty in the ordinary. i spy a party horn. woot woot!

    also, i expect warm bread with honey & butter served to me on my porch bed when i visit.

  10. LOST! It makes me happy just to see a photo. I miss it. ::sigh::
    We have dinosaur parties all the time, too. Glad y'all had a party day - way to make the most of a rainy day! :)

  11. I did not know about this project but it looks like fun! Your fridge is so neat and clean, wow! A far cry from mine ;)

    I know what you mean about the Hubsy's facial hair. Mine shaves his off every once in a while to "air the skin" and I hate it, looks like a stranger!

  12. Awww what a sweet snapshot of your day! So glad to hear about Elijah's progress!

  13. I absolutely forgot about 10 on 10 and I'm SO bummed! I love all of your photos. We have thought about melatonin for our you like it? Yay for fresh bread and new words!!! Blizzards and Lost...sounds like a great way to top off the day :)

  14. your 10 on 10 are so fun. apparently, you and i have similar party habit...clearing left-overs from fridge.

    rain would be nice... so would a blizzard. send both my way.

    melatonin for kids! where was this when my boy was a bed tie handful?!?

  15. I have never successfully remembered 10 on 10 on the 10th... always after the fact. ugh! fresh bread = yum; blizzard = double yum! i really dislike it when my hubby shaves his goatee, he looks 12. I totally knew that was LOST just from your picture - juliet!!! Have a great day today!!

  16. what a super great set!
    i'm so glad you remembered. :)
    i absolutely love the pic of e drinkin' his nighty night tonic. :)
    such a cutie pie!
    hope your week is great.

  17. I love it! I still need to see the end of lost someday!! lol.

  18. This post makes me want fresh bread with honey & a blizzard. Yum! E is so stnkin cute!

  19. OH LOST!!!! I miss that one!

  20. I say I am going to do this every month and...I...never...remember. ggrrr! E is too adorable,and my Hubby couldn't grow a beard is he wanted to {baby face}
    Love you!!

  21. What a sweet glimpse into your life. I totally knew that was LOST. I'm such a junkie!! :) Now I'm a Downton Abbey and Parenthood junkie. :)

  22. Ok where to start. Your bathroom is rad, that shower curtain is the BOMB! Your fridge is so clean and neat and I won't stop you if you want to come over and clean mine too. :) And your little man is super cute:) Thanks for sharing this Hannah! :)

  23. you are the second person this week i've heard talk about giving kids melatonin. i think angels just started singing. researching it now, because it might bring me some bedtime sanity... share the deets if you have a minute :) xo

  24. How are you liking LOST? The hubby and I are watching it for the fourth time all the way through. I love that show so much! Have you watched the second season of The Walking Dead yet? Hope you're having a great week! xoxo