Friday, June 01, 2012

oh, hey.

these were recently added to my shop:

how would you like to win a pair?

my sweetie friend katy celebrates her birthday this month.
hooray for katygirl!
she has lots of fun treats lined up to help celebrate!

click on over to her blog, wish her happy birthday and enter to win!


  1. Oh my gosh, I went to college with her husband in ENGLAND! HAHAH! So funny.

  2. Oh my, the cutest earrings in the whole world. Darling. I checked your etsy shop. I fellin instantly in love.... The red and aqua....swooning here. You are one talented girl.
    God's blessing to you.

  3. Oooo yay! Heading to Katy's now :)

  4. those earrings are the BOMB DOT COM!

  5. check out katygirl's super cute new logo. :)
    and your super cute new earrings.
    i kinda just want to buy one of each item in your shop.
    and i just might.