Monday, June 04, 2012

miscellany monday

it's after 10 am and i am still in my pjs, coffee in hand.
dishes from pancakes and eggs are in the sink. they'll likely stay there until after lunch.
and that is ok.

yesterday was our sixth wedding anniversary!
i had a blog post sketched out in my head that never made it here.
really nothing went "right" yesterday.
at first, i was extremely discouraged.
then i made some blueberry crisp.

it was heavenly.
the really game changer came when i picked up my streams in the desert devotional.
i've got a couple other things i'm doing right now for devotions, so i only read this once a week or so.
anyway. the reading was excellent, but what i found in the back was just so timely.
one of my favorite hymns was written out on the back cover.
i bought that devotional shortly after becoming a christian, so it was over ten years ago.

i posted the hymn here today. take a look. and let that truth sink in.
it'll fuel your day with the peace of christ if you make that your prayer!

also, there's a fine chance that we'll make up our anniversary date today. hooray!

i know i mentioned before that we live downtown.
this makes for at least a few interesting nights, especially when the weather is so beautiful.
last week, just after putting elijah to bed, i came out of his room and saw this:

what you see here is a real live man. early twenties, and fast asleep on my stoop.
at first, my intention was to fling the door open and scare him a little.
then i decided it a better plan to wait on my husband to get home from work.
he seemed harmless enough, but i'd sure hate to find out he was on some crazy drugs or something and reacted poorly to my fun scaring game. so i waited. and took another photo.

i could tell that he was breathing, so any thoughts i had of him being not ok were at ease.
patrick came home, saw the guy on the stoop and called the police.
the police arrived, the guy was starting to shake, like he was cold or something.
then, he shot up, and made his way down our steps. the police stopped him, and began asking questions.
and i of course eavesdropped the entire time. i mean, he was on my property, i could hear everything, so yeah.
it was determined that the guy was inebriated and also "on benadryl".

paramedics came and checked his blood sugar and a few other things.
he didn't know what day it was, and slurred his name when he spoke.
it was a funny little encounter. it wasn't foreign to me though.

several years ago, before i read streams in the desert and wrote down hymns.
i was much like that guy passed out on my steps.
often slurring my own name, not knowing where i was, passing out.
seeing him last week reminded me of the obscenely dangerous, hopeless and wrecked life i once lived.
i was reminded of the power of the cross, and the new heart that the lord has given me.
it wasn't my "badness" that kept me from freedom in christ. it was my goodness that wasn't good enough.
i'm so grateful for grace and forgiveness!

we've had some gorgeous nights lately!
in the summer, it stays light until way late here, which i love!!

elijah gets lots of extra playtime outside.
he found a little shovel in the sandbox. we don't think to buy sand toys since we don't have a yard or live by the beach anymore. he loved that little shovel! obviously, it's on my shopping list to get that boy a shovel.

yesterday i had some time to create. it's been wonderful for my heart to make things, you know?
and look how fun, all that color!
you'll see a few new things in the shop, i'm editing photos for new styles right now :)

what have you been up to?
how are you today?

miscellany monday at lowercase letters


  1. Happy anniversary! That blueberry looks so yummy!

  2. Good self-discipline waiting for Patrick to get home to take care of the situation. I would like to think I would have enough sense to wait...but I probably don't. :)

    Happy Anniversary, friend! Way to go on six years! Keep up the good work!

  3. happy anniversary!

    "on benadryl"... riiight. :)

    isn't it amazing how good it is for your heart to just CREATE? i am finding the same thing too! :)

  4. You are a treasure. So glad the view you see your life and soul from now.

    Be blessed today!

  5. okay first off HAPPY ANNI sweet friend! :) i'm glad despite your plans for the day, it ended well with your hunny and some cobbler. a la mode.
    every dessert should be a la mode.

    also, every night we should have funny things like sleeping men on our porches.
    i mean....

    i'm so glad that you are so transparent about the transformation in your life.
    no denying the power of the Cross when it is evident in someone's life.

    happy monday. <3

  6. happy anniversary. i hope you get your make up date today.

    i'll be praying for benadryl guy. i'm not sure what i would have done in that situation. i can get a little crazy.

    have a fantastic day.

    oooh and whats better than color. your earrings are gorgeous!

  7. Glad that God's truth and some delicious dessert redeemed your day :)

  8. Hannah- We share the same anniversary. Only we are 11 years apart :) what a fun qawinky dink! Also we had to celebrate on a different day as well because this past weekend we had my sister and bro-in-love here visiting. I hope your do-over day goes so much better. Your man on the porch... how scary, only he didn't look scary and certainly not your everyday average guy who sleeps on porches kind of look. Good camera work though. Very impressive.

  9. I'm not usually one for baked fruit, but I'm pretty sure I need that blueberry crisp recipe...or you just could send me some. It would make it to Kentucky, right? No? Darn.
    Glad your day turned around. Truth will do that to ya!

  10. girl, it's so true... we were so dark before Jesus... i feel for that guy. i think your doorstep was the right one for him to sleep on. : ) so happy your day turned out sweeter with a blueberry crisp. and enjoy your date tonight - thrilled for you!!! xoxo!

  11. Ok. So. Happy anniversary! I really hope you are getting that special date right now!!

    Second, the shop looks awesome!!

    Third, I love you!

    Fourth. Adios.

  12. I love you. That's all.
    Oh wait... It sounds like we had lots in common back in our bc days too. So thankful for grace. The new version of me is much better! ;)

  13. So thankful for His grace too!
    Ps..I received my earrings today! I love them! Thank you!

  14. Is it OK that I am giggling over that sleeping man? Poor clown. He is slightly missing out on his life to the fullest. Ms. No..el at Beautiful Life said I HAD to check you out, and can I just say, this man on your stoop was worth it. Also, happy anniversary and shovel hunting. I too have an Elijah, but he is slightly taller-mostly due to the fact that he is in middle school. I am happy to be your latest follower :)

  15. wow. this was a great post. the guy on your stoop looks so put together, like he's resting on his on porch. it's so strange how we can look good on the outside and be so broken and reckless in our hearts...

  16. Happy Belated Anniversary!

    "it wasn't my "badness" that kept me from freedom in christ. it was my goodness that wasn't good enough." Love that... so true.

    I hope that guy is ok, and glad your family is ok, too.

  17. i am so excited to save little extra cash for myself to buy a set of your gorgeous earrings! :) i love that you've made. clearly, you have great taste! ha ha! :)

    be forever lovely