Friday, June 08, 2012


well hello there, fine friends of mine.
it's friday.
it doesn't really mean anything magically relaxing to me, but i do feel like friday = fun. am i right?

scenes from my week via the phone here:

elijah loves/obsesses over dressing up.
all the ding dang day the boy is happily pulling out any and every piece of clothing/accessories he can muster.
he's even taken to including the stuffed animals. clothes everywhere. all day, people. it could be worse?

with it being lighter later here in the prairie land, we've enjoyed many after dinner park visits.
not sure who enjoys bubble chasing more, the parents or the kid...but it's a sweet sight!

i've been doing well with my food issues. praise jesus. and what you see here is a vanilla coke float.
at midnight. i mean, we're grownups. and it was a date night of sorts, so it just felt proper.

so grateful for finding little scribbles in my devotionals and bibles. always so timely. love this hymn!

my sweetie as sugar friend sends the loveliest mail. for real. look at the darling cards she makes!?
please join me in encouraging her to make some for sale. it's a must.

elijah's summer session at school is going well! he attends tuesday through thursday mornings.
a group from the special olympics joins them for a portion of each day for athletics. i imagine that is a hoot!
apparently, elijah is an excellent runner and ribbon dancer. hoping to sneak in one day and take a peek:)

my handsome husband took me to dinner and a movie to celebrate our sixth year of marriage.
we saw the avengers. loved it. fun to the max. also fun to the max was the bottomless root beer i enjoyed.
just one of the awesome things about our downtown movie house!

something that disappoints me greatly? biting into an apple and finding it tasteless, grainy.
nearly every type of apple i find at any grocery here, is a risk. except the golden delicious.
no idea why, but they are always good. not my favorite, but a delicious apple all the same. and pretty, too!

i am overcome with adoration for the la croix. i know i've mentioned it before, it's still true. and this new flavor? oh my heck.
possibly bumped the grapefruit from the number one choice. find some. drink happy.

and elijah even digs the peach/pear flavor combination. holla.

what have you been up to this week?
enjoy your weekend, make it wonderful!

life rearranged
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  1. My tall boy took his ipad touch along with my instagram gadget to the beach with him.

    I need him to come back home now.

    You make me smile with your happy posts :)


  2. the bubbles photo- so much joy! i love it!! and that cute card? ohmygoodness- I would totally purchase those!

  3. First, your ability to bust our blog posts amazes me. You're pretty much awesome.

    Second, gala apples. mmmm. So crunchy, sweet, and delicious. I eat one or two a day.

    I hope you have a spectacular, sunny weekend, Hannah!

  4. Grainy apples = the worst!

  5. I just love following all of your IG gloriousness!! You make me smile!! Have a fabulous weekend!! xo

  6. i love root beer. now i wnt some. and we dont have any. but friend,i love your son. he is the funniest.

  7. i had to click on your thumbnail because it has elmo in it. since my baby is obsessed with elmo, i have become obsessed, too!

  8. hi hannah! thanks for your kind words today. i've been meaning to stop by and comment here for a while. i just get SO sidetracked by all the great things you have to say and could end up reading your blog all day, lol.

  9. Guess what. The name for a grainy apple is pithy.

    Over and out.

  10. I can't stop laughing at my last comment. Do you think people think we're weird?

  11. It is adorable that he is dressing up his animals... and with socks! Co cute! I should send him some of our dress up costumes when Jason outgrows them! :)

  12. Love your random here. We're celebrating six years this month, too! Thanks for reminding me la criox is awesome and I need to get some quick : ) Hope you have a happy weekend, glad you are feeling encouraged. :)