Friday, June 29, 2012

insta-friday {life in phone pictures}

{the winner of the found by marie giveaway is kellyemail me to claim your prize!}

so. elijah has strep throat, and let me tell you. he is not interested at all in taking antibiotics.
pray for us in that, please? thanks:)

that's the bad news. the great news is, we've been having an ok week! wanna see?

coffee, muffins and a chill kid in the morning? yes please!

psalm 118, so encouraging!

summer means music blasting from the town square. 
it's hard to tell how good or bad it is from inside. i stepped out the other night to check. 
yep. it was horrible.

an upside to a sickly little one is mos def the cuddles. 
elijah doesn't sit still much any other time, so i am loving this time, if you must know :)

beautiful evenings make for sweet walks with my boys by the river. 

i tried to take a photo with elijah. yeah.

our little city has happy little flags all through downtown. puts a smile on your face, you know?
do you get sentimental over the beautiful red, white and blue?
this girl and this girl love our land of the free. to celebrate, they are hosting something super fun. visit them. #godblesstheus

ok, sweet ivy niece. you have cat to be kitten me right meow with that face!
i babysat her this week, and she screeched with joy and made that face the entire time. hilarious!

who has the best sponsors? i do, obviously. 
my sweet sponsor friend shannon sent me that cute anchor necklace!

elijah loves being up high. i of course tell him to get down from the bookshelf. after i get a photo really quick.
and notice his sweet shirtless style, with argyle babyleg on one arm. oh yes.

another photo attempt. more succussful than before. i love my little snotty nosed boy!

yesterday elijah napped from 4-7pm. i just let it happen, he is sick, it was necessary. 
when patrick came home from work, at 8:30pm, elijah begged for his help in getting dressed. 
last easter's outfit. ha.

he fell asleep at 11:43pm. 

what did y'all do this week? any weekend plans?

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  1. Praying for the sickness!! That's no fun! Love the pics of you and Elijah ~ he is adorable, and you have the most beautiful smile! Have a great weekend!

  2. you always have the best perspective in your shots.

    ivy is making me giggle.

    you look like a serious hottie up in here.
    it should be illegal!

    thanks for the shout out.

    and happy friday :) <3

  3. strep is the pits. who wants to take meds when your throat is on fire. poor guy. praying for you.
    the pic of your niece is priceless.
    emailing you now.

  4. oh no strep but yeah.....cuddles are the BEST. (enjoying some cuddles here as my char's got teething happening)
    praying about the meds thing. right now. as i type this. have a super (patriotic) weekend!

  5. sweet ivy girl!!!! that face is the best! i hope elijah feels better soon and he takes his antibiotics!!!

  6. Hannah.

    You are rockin that hair.

    Thanks for the link.

    Love you.

  7. Oh! I'm in love with your niece! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  8. Every time I see a picture of your cute little street I want to live there. Also, can I have your niece? I'm sure your sister won't mind ;)

  9. you got a sassy new haircut!?? it looks great.

    i'm sorry about the strep. BUMMER.

    your niece is adorbs.