Friday, June 22, 2012

insta-friday {life in phone pictures}

happy friday!
any fun plans this weekend?
i'm just praying for no rain so we can get outside.
the farmer's market happens saturday, too!
if it does rain, we'll be baking cookies and making big messes.

yesterday was a great day.
well, until after dinner. i have no idea what happened. but i lost my mojo.
thankfully, elijah went to sleep easily and i managed to tackle a few projects that have been collecting dust!

what's that? you want a peek into my week?
that's cool, because i have that right here:

elijah being a champ at the arcade on father's day. he loves skee ball! just like mama:)
and isn't this mini skee ball the cutest?! i would get a full photo,
but we're technically not allowed to take pictures in the arcade. so i don't. much.

often, i share a bit of what i read:
from genesis 39 #shereadstruth joseph literally ran from temptation and disobedience.
he ended up in prison. he was not hopeless, he was diligent for the lord in that circumstance.
the lord kept him, lifted him up!
how should i respond to seemingly hopeless situations? #trustjesus
how should i respond to sin? #runlikehell

frozen berries. my snack of choice these days.

patrick had a meeting in fargo on tuesday. elijah and i tagged along! eg did great in the car!
we were so excited, i had plans for the zoo and the huge awesome park there.

boom. thunderstorms nearly the entire visit.
thank the lord for indoor play areas! mostly thank him for protecting us from deadly germs in said areas.

the rain cleared, papa's meetings were finished. it was time for fries!
elijah had been chanting "fries" for quite awhile, and we agreed it was the best idea ever.
our burgers were great. although, not my favorite. is five guys my fave? maybe.

smash burger does not play with their fried dill pickles. mercy. they were perfect.
which is super hard to come by unless you are in my homeland of mississippi. in my humble opinion,
of course. patrick makes excellent ones, which a such a bonus for our marriage :)
do you like fried pickles?

elijah makes the sweetest crafts at school. opening up his backpack is something i look forward to every school day! this happy sunshine made with tissue paper, contact paper and a yellow paper plate made my day.

lysol also made my day.

i was getting elijah ready for his bath, and i saw a quarter-sized spider on the side of the tub.
i'm one of those people who grabs whatever is near
and drowns the heck out of whatever is threatening me.
yes. the spider threatened me. believe it.
anyway, roughly half a can of clean linen scent
and maybe my ridiculous girl screaming
made him cower into a tiny ball
and i smashed the last life from him.
spider slayer. bam.

yesterday was elijah's last day of summer session with preschool special needs!
we chatted with his teachers and beamed with joy at their positive progress reports.
it was an extra awesome day for us, because we were able to attend his special olympics finale program.
we met the volunteers and his special coach, jozy. she was the best!
elijah was thrilled, to see us and to show off his mad hoop skillz. i can't stop smiling over this.
we learned a little more about the young athlete program the special olympics offers.
so wonderful, and we hope to have elijah continue on!

the gloom broke briefly yesterday. i mean. look.
something crazy beautiful happens to the clouds in between storms.
super puffed, happiness for miles!

big praise note! elijah resumed therapies yesterday! god is so faithful!
we're grateful for the peace he's flooded our hearts and home with.
we're still waiting for a few other things to happen, and need them to before the month ends, so please pray!

happy weekend, make it great!

life rearranged


  1. Looks like you all had a great week! That skee ball is the cutest! Hope it doesn't rain this weekend where you are or where I am - I have a big family reunion tomorrow.

  2. I LOVE YOU! So glad about the therapy resuming.

  3. praise the Lord for His provision, girl!
    so glad E is getting what he needs! :)
    i've never had fried pickles, but now i really want some..they look amazing!
    your snack also looks delish and i continually marvel over God's beautiful creation!
    He has blessed us so!

  4. hi :) hopping over via instagram link-up! my littlest loves skeeball too. and i seriously love joseph's story. it is such a great reminder to wait on the Lord- and how everything has a greater purpose for His kingdom! happy friday and weekend! :)

  5. you are my hero for being the spider slayer ;)And E in that hat is more than I can handle! xoxo

  6. Oh my goodness, I want to say something about every single picture!

    You are most certainly the cutest.

    Love that day out with the fries.

    Mini skeeball makes me all kinds of swoony.

    I do not like pickles. Ever.

    I lost track... but you know!


  7. What a great scripture, thank you! I LOVE Smashburger pickles. I could go there and only eat those!!!

  8. I LOVE fried pickles. We had family who lived in Shubuta MS. Have you heard of it? Not even people from MS have heard of it. Anyways, I say that to say THAT is where I first had fried pickles and Sweet Tea. Mmm Mmm. I love the pics of Elijah in his hat, looking all cute and dapper! Busy week friend. Oh and that cloud/blue sky pic Amazing! Your Lysol pic made me laugh so hard on IG. Have a great weekend.

  9. I love Skeeball... and I'm good. I'll totally take you on!! :)

    God was with him... even in prison. Yes. I love that. He never leaves.

    Elijah's olympics! Yay! You go, boy!! :)