Tuesday, June 19, 2012

i'm rambling again {i ain't a superhero}

time is what we want most, but what we use worst.
{william penn}


how do you have time to blog?
when do you sleep?
how do you keep your house so clean?
i want to open a shop, but i don't have time, how do you make it work?
what's your secret to keeping your head up with elijah's therapy schedule?
how do you manage to prepare meals every day?

how do you do it all?

 these are questions i have been asked recently.

there are actually people who are under the impression that i have it all together.
on my blog, in my house, with my family, etc. i basically have it all sewn up. watch me friends.
let me unravel this myth for y'all.

listen. i want to clear something up here today.
for those who ask occasionally, wonder in their minds and even a reminder for myself.

i don't 'do it all'. whatevertheheck 'it all' is.

i'm also not the swiftest with time management. this is something that i am working on. every day.
our lives are busy here. not always productive or fun busy, but busy all the same.

the balance of making my 'busy' count and not trying to overstep the calendar each month?
well. i can see it in the distance. i feel like i just may figure it out soon. yay, me!

perhaps, when i have time (hahaha) i will do a time management post?
maybe it could help someone else if i share my wacky way of balancing my 'stuff'.

for now,
a few things i am not doing:

i don't blog every day. i adore blogging. i love documenting my life and thoughts.
i am really loving just living and thinking these days. without so much documenting. and?
i have not and lord willing will never, feel pressure to blog. so this one's easy for me to not do at times.

you've likely noticed, i rarely respond to my sweet, treasured blog comments. certainly not in a timely manner.
for this, i am truly sorry. but you know? it's something that had to get pushed way on back to the
if you have not one other thing to do, do this pile for now. along with that, leaving blog comments.
now. i still take to blog reading as often as free time allows. it's a treat for me.
but i won't always have time to leave you comment love.
so. i love you. i am reading your blogs and your comments. be patient with me?

cleaning my shower.
as freakish as i am about germs and grime, i just don't have the time or energy to be cleaning my shower every week.
i force myself not to care two sticks about it, too.
now. i bet i just grossed you out.

i don't blow dry my hair. i often choose to let my hair air dry and look wonky all day long.
because? it's just not worth the time for me some days. i need those minutes elsewhere.

this is the craziest thing i've let go of: i go to bed with dishes in the sink sometimes. probably twice a week.
 it's not happening often, but i have finally learned that i won't die if i let it go.
sleep is sometimes hard to come by here, and if i haven't managed the dishes by the time the sleep chance arises?
they shall wait. amen. i hyperventilate the morning after this happens. but i feel like it's worth it all the same.

i don't cook every night. i used to cook legit meals every night of the week. and now i just can't some nights.
frozen pizzas are purchased for this very reason. and again, no one has died yet.
i should say, i am the only one who ever made the cook every day rule. not my husband :)

a few things that i absolutely do:

some sort of scripture reading and meditation. it isn't always some huge holy study time.
grateful for those, but most often i steal ten minutes here and there several times each day.
having a plan helps keep this happening. i have talked a bit about this before. you should check it out.

spending time with my son, practicing things he does in speech and occupational therapies.
this is crucial for him and myself. it also happens to be a lot of fun!

date my husband. even though 9 out of 10 times we are at home, and only have an hour before one of us falls asleep...
we make it happen. a game, something fun on netflix or dvd. love it. need it.

i make my bed. this is probably first to get kicked off of a normal person's list.
we all know that normal isn't me. if my bed is made, my brain is clear for the day. so, it must be done.

i try to keep in contact with people who encourage me.
some every day, and some a few times a month.
whether it be a coffee date, a note sent across the country or a text message, i try to make it happen.
hmmm. and let me make this note:
conversely, people who are not encouraging to me, or do not keep in touch with me themselves?
i don't struggle to make the time to keep in touch. uncaring? i don't think so.
at this crazy season in my life, i don't have the time to chase friendships.
sometimes seasons of quiet with one another is great for all.
and sometimes, people just plain move on. and that's ok.

so, in an effort to wrangle this rambling into a bit of sense,
time is precious.
spend it wisely. this may involve planning. get used to it.
no one does 'it all'. and i won't try to.
worry not what anyone but christ thinks of you.
i mean it.
and don't fuss about who else you think is doing it all. for one thing, they just are not.

when we feel stretched too thin, tempted to wear a cape of 'do it all', pray:

if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask god,
who gives generously to all without reproach,
and it will be given him.
{james 1:5}

when you ask him, he will show you what to be more diligent in and what to let go of.
trust him.


  1. love this, hannah. thanks for your honesty. i prayed today for God to take control of my time. pretty sure i waste a lot of time on little unimportant things. at the very least, i just don't prioritize. i often think of you and am encouraged by your faithfulness to scripture and prayer. thanks for being such a sweet friend and sweet encouragement!

  2. this is so so good, hannah! i love you list of do's and don'ts and you've figured out. so good! i acutally was stressing because i had a blog post for monday AND tuesday planned and didn't get them done...i went to bed instead. oh well, right? it'll be ok ;)

  3. Much needed today. Thanks a bunch and an extra cherry on top.


  4. I think it's so important to figure out our priorities and go from there. By you sticking to your gun, you DO have it all together! Dishes and showers (wow, please don't come look at mine!!!!!) can wait. Our kids and husbands cannot! I adore you sweet lady :)

  5. girl.
    your honesty matters.
    thanks for sharing it.

    thanks for checking in w/ me and being encouraging.

    thanks for making the Word a priority each day.
    and not necessarily the dishes.
    it has eternal value.
    and it blesses you husband.
    and your adorable son.

    keep leaning into Jesus.
    He's got all the other stuff covered. :)

  6. I just love you and your honesty.
    You bless me out.

    And by the way being a super hero is over rated.
    Just being you and me being me is way cooler.

    Also I have to make my bed too. Even if the rest if the whole house looks like a bomb went off.
    If I don't the day doesn't feel quite right.


  7. i heart your heart. because the important things you focus on are what count. i highly doubt we will ever look back and regret our dirty showers! love ya!!!

  8. This post is why I love you....holla!(your famous word, ha!)
    Thank you.

  9. and now i love you even more.
    you're singing my tune, sister!

  10. This post is so lovely.it sounds like you have the right priorities!

  11. I don't have it all together either!! Thank the Lord that HE does... I just want to be in His will!! So much better than mine!!

    You are doing great! I think your priorities are in perfect order.
    I have to admit, I do miss your sweet, encouraging comments, but I totally understand!! Glad you are still blogging and sharing your life!! :)

  12. this is the post of the day. thank you for your candor and your light. i could relate to so many things that you wrote about..i have thought about so many of them...except the shower part...i clean the shower while i am in the shower so that it will get cleaned!!!
    keep shining for Jesus.

  13. Oh Hannah I just love you! Thank you for your honesty and for just being who you are. And no your shower comment didn't gross me out one single bit. I have spider webs in my room that even my teen was like , "Uh Mom when are you going to get rid of those?" I tried to come up with some kind of cute response like "Well, Charlotte asked if she could stay a while longer" but she just raised her eyebrows at me. Oh and I am so a dishes in the sink, means I'm living life kind of gal so you are in good company there. I LOVE this post!

  14. I would still come visit and shower in your shower. I ALWAYS make my bed. Also, I let you down by not having my linky up. hahahaha, my only excuse? IT's Summer. I love you!!!

  15. love this! you're so honest. and it makes me feel better. i have to say, your faithfulness to scripture is inspiring to me. i'm not as good as you but you make me want to be better!

  16. I love you. You make me feel normal. I'm always so thankful for your honesty. It inspires me.

  17. So, I come over here tonight looking to see what's become of you; why I haven't seen you around blogland....guess I got my answer. :) All I can say is a BIG amen on so many levels!!! AMEN -- I hear ya! I'll comment more on that thought tomorrow when I get at a "real" computer. If (?) I have time to spare that is. ;)

  18. I blogged about the same thing today!! So many people keeping telling me that I have a perfect life, and I feel like I've misled them to believe such a thing. My mantra lately = I have a good life. It's not perfect, but I love it. :)

    P.S. My shower needs to be cleaned too...

  19. wise grasshoppa. love your words of wisdom.

    i don't make my bed every day. and my shower gets cleaned like never. and i only wash my hair like twice a week. eeek!

    but like you. i must read my bible. nothing else really matters.

  20. helllo!!! we are more alike than you think. send me a text anytime: five four one. eight two nine. nine eight 33. :-) even if its a "pray for me!!"
    you are doing a great job and holding on to what is most important. the word of god.

  21. 1. I am troubled by your admission that you do not clean your shower every week. Every WEEK? EVERY week? Are you implying that some people DO this? You don't even want to know...
    2. Calvin asked yesterday, "Why are we busier than everyone else?" Of course, HE is a big reason we are so busy this week. ;) Homeboy is a homebody.
    3. Our musts and let-gos look freakishly similar. I always have a pizza or Prego spaghetti sauce on hand! And left-overs. God bless them. Dishes are left in the sink at least half the time.
    4. I'm ashamed to admit that Bible reading does not always happen every day. I should know better. I DO know better. And still...
    5. Thanks for your honesty and just for all-around YOU.
    6. Oh, one more. :) I adore your comments, but here I am, giving you a free pass on my blog. I'm the same way. I comment less b/c it does save a bit of time. I get it.

  22. Girl! You better preach! I am in this same season and it is, well, LIBERATING!! I am sure God is elated that we are off of the "grid" so to speak. Congratulations! Thank you for your transparency!

  23. we are twinsies, i think, with the damp hair and the grimy showers, netflix dates and rare comment-response. right now, my house is every which way of cluttered and this is making me twitchy in the back portion of my brain. when the crazy leaks to the frontal lobe, i shall clean it, but for now? i am catching up on lives of the people i love.

    starting with you. love you, dearie. i hope your day is meaningful and productive and restful and fun. :)