Thursday, June 14, 2012

he may not come when you want him

but he'll be there right on time.

god has a way of showing up, you know?
i'll share just one example.

when i wrote this post near the end of may, i didn't know then what day it would actually post.
i also didn't know that i was writing for myself to read later.

he knew.

a couple weeks ago elijah's speech and occupational therapies were put on hold.
because our insurance for those services reached their limit.

we've been waiting since january for elijah's case to be approved through the state.
this approval will provide us help that we need to pay for the services that elijah is involved in.
truly, we are so grateful for the hope of any help at all!
and i know some other families have had to wait years to get help for their children's bills and services.

long story short: i freaked out.
our therapies were put on hold, and our eligibility for the services we are waiting for ends this month.
that means that if approval doesn't happen before july 1st, we begin again. at the beginning.
new referrals, new evaluations, new countless hours on the phone and huddled over papers with cramps in my hands.
does this thrill me? not at all.
is it easy to find joy in those thoughts? not on my own.

but i have peace now.
nothing much has changed yet. we still don't have approval, and elijah isn't getting the therapy that he needs.
no other explanation, jesus covered my heart and eased my mind.
the pit in my stomach is gone and i catch myself smiling for no reason. can i get an amen?

we're extra thankful right now for elijah's summer program at school.
he gets a little speech therapy and his teachers are amazing!
and i found out that the group from special olympics that visits them each day?
elijah is the only child who signed up to participate.
so he's getting a half hour each morning of awesome occupational therapy all to himself! and this is all f r e e!

it was such a timely blessing and gentle rebuke to read my own post on monday!
the truth of scripture beamed from my computer screen. i repented of my anger and worry.
and the lord forgave and lifted me up, holding me close to himself.

i was so grateful to be reminded that the lord is in control. nothing occurs to him, he knows every last detail.
when i trust him, gazing at god and not my circumstance, i have peace.
so. my little hilarious elijah grey.

he's going to be taken care of. we will get what we need. exactly when we need it.

what are you thankful for today?

sharing my thanks here, here and here!


  1. ...and you know what else is amazing? God used you to tell me exactly what I need to hear. Perfect timing. As usual. Thank you for posting this.

    And God bless and watch over Elijah! He's too cute!

  2. I love this ; "nothing occurs to him, he knows every last detail." So true. Your pictures paired with scriptures are amazing. I keep pinning them I hope you don't mind.

  3. Oh Hannah, I know how you are feeling with the therapies. It is so difficult dealing with limits that insurance companies place on these much-needed services. We do have medicaid for Peyton but even THEY have limits - Peyton wouldn't get anywhere near the services she needs if she was healthy enough to have every visit she should get. But I am glad that you have peace in this situation. I am struggling to find peace with different issues - particularly our nursing situation. This post helped me. Thanks!

  4. i needed to hear this today, hannah. i love that picture, btw. he's hilarious and cute and i love him! i think you need to post a video of him someday so we can see his silly antics live. :)

  5. This gave me chills. The Lord provides in ways we don't expect. Such assurance to be in HIS hands :)

  6. Wow girl. God knows. God does.
    He is ALWAYS working. Even when we don't see it.
    And when we eventually do - PRAISE HIM.
    Thanks for keeping us in the loop, because it in turn, encourages me to remember the Character of our loving and providing God! <3

  7. Oh Hannah, you are so right on. So often we forget that he is in control, don't we? we allow ourselves to worry and have fear when really, the only thing that we can do in those situations is have more faith. Faith that like you said, he'll be there for us when we need him. so thankful you have some peace.

  8. How awesome that he'll get to be in such a great summer program. Praying that everything else falls into place exactly when it should.

    Today I'm thankful for family. And summer vacation! : )

  9. God's peace is like no other :) praying for quick answers and contented hearts until then!

  10. love this friend, He is SO mighty and all knowing... ESPECIALLY when WE don't know. :) it is frustratingly beautiful, if that makes sense. So happy for you and for how God has orchestrated this all in HIS perfect timing and provision!!!

  11. my list is far too long to share. last week I could barely think of one thing, and today it overflows. my peace came on tuesday. I was sitting at my desk. Isn't it funny how we KNOW when the peace comes. that little elijah is something else. I pray for you sweet friend. and it WILL all work out. :)have a happy weekend.

  12. praise the Lord for His perfect peace and provision!

  13. God is so good & His timing is perfect. Thank you for sharing today!

    Isaiah 64:4 has been an incredible encouragement to me lately. How amazing to know that the Lord is working while we wait on Him?! He is working. We just wait!

  14. This is awesome! I am so glad that you continue to Press in and stay the course! God is so faithful and He will continue to provide for your son and family! What a blessing your son is to those all around him! Praise HIM!

  15. wow, i'm so glad i read this tonight.
    it was just what i needed to hear.
    i've been struggling with some personal fears and anxieties
    (satan knows my weakness!) and i try to hold steadfast to Gods wonderful promises and his
    assurance that His plans are perfect and he'll reveal them in his own time.

    you will be in my prayers, i can't imagine how difficult it is to
    NOT get the services needed for your child.

    thank you for sharing.. tonight i'll be reading isaiah. thank you.

  16. I was just praying for you guys this morning and for Elijah's services. I am sorry to read that things are not moving forward. But, your heart is solid because you know God's will is sovereign. Love you.

  17. I wonder why it's so hard for us to remember this, that His timing is perfect, even when He's proven himself over and over. I also find myself stressing and worrying over things that are outside of my control. Thank you (again) for reminding me of something I really needed to be reminded of. You are always such an inspiration to me.

  18. thankful for you, that's what. seriously love you and this post brings joy to my heart. glad he is with you and in you, hannah dear!
    and the sweet elijah face - what perfection!

  19. Prayeres for you and your little guy! Amen! The Lord is ALWAYS with us :)