Thursday, June 21, 2012

grateful {special olympics champion!}

i'm getting ready to head back to school to pick up elijah, but wanted to post these:

this morning we had the treat of watching elijah's special olympics program!
he's been participating through his summer school session.
today we saw him show-off his hoop talents :)

i'm happily surprised that he followed through with nearly every activity,
even after seeing us standing by! what a kid!

his teachers and the special olympic young athlete coordinators and volunteers are top-notch darlings.
praise jesus.

he enjoyed a little snack with his coach jozy afterwards :)

and showed off some more moves? in his backwards shirt?

{linking up my gratitude with carina today!}


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  1. hilarious.
    all those words.
    my heart is exploding from the cuteness. and the backwards shirt.
    and the oversized shirt.
    he is too much. :)

  2. okay wasn't expecting to cry my eyes out when I visited your blog today. something about seeing him doing those hoop skills....what a happy sight!

  3. This is way too precious. Your heart must be bursting.

  4. This is adorable! That giant t-shirt on him is killing me!

  5. i like the candy colored choker and pink orange pink earrings. sorry, i couldn't choose just one!

  6. oh sweetness! i'm so happy he gets to be apart of this. what a proud mama moment.

  7. THAT is some hoop talent! in a giant shirt to boot. how i miss mine being littles.

    give away happening at my blog. check it out!

  8. Sweetest post! LOVE the Special Olympics, but LOVE the sweet kid even more!

    That Elijah boy rocks!

    :) Happy weekend friend!

    PS- Prayed for you today at 1:45 EST. Ha! You didn't even know it! I love how prayer is sneaky like that! xxoo

  9. what a cutie! and i bet your heart did a little dance, too :)