Monday, June 18, 2012

{a giveaway winner and} miscellany monday!

happy monday, y'all!

first off, let me tell you who won the super fun in his grace giveaway!

comment #7: stacey!
girlfriend, email me today and we'll hook you up!

yesterday we celebrated father's day with our very favorite papa.
i am so grateful for patrick and his love for our little family!
he's the best. praise jesus.

it was a gloomy day, so before dinner we headed to the arcade at the mall.
good times were had by all, as usual!

elijah earned 60 tickets. he's a champ, what can i say?

he chilled on a bench to enjoy his winnings, a mini tootsie pop and fun plastic snake toy:)
then he opened our umbrella. in the car. what a fun ride home that was.

patrick requested steak and green bean casserole for dinner. the man loves his green bean.
for dessert i has a berry crisp planned. well. i hardly had any oats in the house.
i chose to proceed anyway, with my wimpy topping.
the problem was, i used the usual amounts of butter, brown sugar and flour...just a tiny amount of oats.
folks, we should have just enjoyed a bowl of ice cream on its own. the "crisp" was more like a berry compote.
and hate me all you wish, but stewed fruit isn't something i want any part of.
thankfully, patrick didn't care one bit and we enjoyed a lovely, LOST watching evening together.

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enjoy this fresh start to a new week!
what are your plans for today?

miscellany monday at lowercase letters


  1. We had a Father's Day apple crisp. It turned out quite lovely because I tripled the recipe on the topping. My boys all added a scoop of chocolate ice cream on the side. I was named mother of the year. Amen.

    Good luck to everyone on winning new earrings!

  2. you guys are cute. look at that fresh face on your man.
    look at your little boy so cute. i love that dino makes an appearance in almost every pic lately. or at least, i'm noticing it more lately. ;)

    i love winning tickets.
    my parents sometimes would take us to mini golf after school when we were kids.
    it was such a treat.
    sometimes we'd get one dollar for four tokens. that probably got me 9 tickets. hahaha.
    those were the best days.

    happy monday.

  3. can you blame him??? green bean casseroll is the bomb!!!
    i love the picture of your boys.

  4. you are too funny hannah! i bet it will disturb you to no end that i could eat berry compote by the spoonful - or over pancakes - or over ice cream! i would have been in heaven with your creation!!!

    what a sweet family you have, a true blessing!

  5. sounds like a fun day! p.s. green beans are my fav!

  6. i'm pretty sure i could buy a pair of your earrings for every day of the week!! : ) i always adore your color combos. you are amazing. amazing!

  7. hannah! i got the earrings i ordered in the mail today. so stinkin' cute! too bad i'm giving them away as a gift. i'm kicking myself for not ordering me some :) next time!

    and i love LOST. we wanna watch it over again. but i can't quit watching once i start and i don't know if i have time for that right now.

  8. Yay for a happy father's day!!

  9. Sounds like you all had a really good Fathers Day. Way to go Elijah!! 60 tickets. That's a lot of tickets! Your earrings are so pretty. YOU are a rock star! Seriously girl... blog buttons and amazing jewels.

  10. How name is Hannah too! Your berry crisp sounds delightful! I just rewatched the entire series of LOST when recovering from our baby being born.

    God Bless

  11. stewed fruit, lol. sounds like my pie that was more like soup.......(pinterest fail ! ) oh to have hubbys that love us anyways, right?! loveYOU <3 <3 <3