Friday, June 15, 2012

coffee break {links for you}

happy friday!
we're suffering  seasonal allergies are here and they are vicious!
this means we'll spend a bit more time inside than i'd like.
so we'll make the most of this.

swiss family robinson is in the dvd player and
i'm on my third cup of hazelnut coffee.

grab a cup of your own and browse these fun links i've gathered this morning:

you know what you and i need?

and if you wanna get crazy fun,
make a party out of it. here are some free printables and inspiration!

speaking of crazy fun, i want to win this giveaway.

darling davi shared a sweet peek into her boys' bedroom. i love every single (swedish) detail!
fun fact: i am part swedish, my mama is a smedberg :)

i love all these wonderful ideas for organizing small items. this jewelry board is my fave!

leslie nailed it. on christians being all judgey. i sure do love this lady!

how god lifts the bitter burden of being wronged by john piper. life-giving truth.

and i love this idea for papa, too!

and my pal shared this on twitter. hilarious.

what fun goodness have you spotted online this week? spill it!

p.s. use WEEKEND15 for 15% off anything in my shop, through sunday night!
adding a few new items soon, too!

enter my in his grace giveaway here, winner announced monday!

happy weekend! xo


  1. I am excited to get to work and investigate these links a bit more ;) and I want to win that giveaway too!! Also, I am not Swedish but I have been to Sweden and its awes.

  2. I want to do that father's day table.

  3. THIRD CUP!! girl how do you do that?! i wouldn't be upright if i drank 3 cups of coffee by 10am. :)

  4. swedes unite! :) as if you couldn't tell from my blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and tall legs.

  5. I hope you're allergies get better soon! And I love that tie banner! SO CUTE!

  6. i love davis boys' room too! taking notes to decorate my kids' :) also i want one of those pops. happy weekend girl

  7. so! those pops stole my heart. i feel your allergy pain. feel better, my dear!!

  8. love these links!
    my girls found the one for fathers day and they are making some of that, too! :)
    so fun!

  9. oh my i loved these links!!!!!!!!!!!!! ice pops - mmmmm, swedish room - love (my mom ia 3/4 norwegian, 1/4 swedish!), and those organizing ideas are all fabulous!!!
    and swiss family robinson? CLASSIC! :)

  10. awww. thanks so much for being your sweet self;)

    much love.

  11. LOVE looking at all your links each week...yay!! :) you have great taste sister. Hope yall are having a blessed Daddys Day!

  12. ah, the room service! ingenius! i hope you and yours are having the bestest weekend! x&o.

  13. bummer, i missed the give away! loved those personalized pillows. will have to check her out.

    leslie is awesome.

    that father's day decor puts me to shame.

    i'm hosting a give away this week. make sure you pop bye!