Friday, May 18, 2012

what are you looking at? {or complaining is bad for you}

oh, hey. i bet you think i forgot i had a blog?
maybe i did.

we've had a roller coaster week here in the singer house. and that's all i'll say about that.

because what i need you to know, well, it isn't about my emotional ups and downs.

i snapped this earlier this week with my phone.
promise i'll bust out my legit camera again soon!

this is right across our parking lot, behind our apartment building.
i took a photo because i was consciously breathing in the gorgeous day. noticing it. being thankful for it.

sadly, most of my trips out to the car are hurried and even a frustrating time for me.
all i can see is my car, my kid and all the while wondering "have i forgotten anything?"
i let stress take over and drive away, heading for a therapy appointment or something glamorous like that.

sometimes i complain about having to go somewhere every ding dang day.
sometimes i just "get through" the day, with barely a smile.
sometimes i get panicky, because it's 5:47 pm and i haven't a clue what dinner will be.

i read through a little book over the last couple days. i'm starting to make second days a habit.
so if i can, i make that happen, in the afternoons most often.
anyway. the book.

there's a section titled "complaining is bad for you".
obviously, i already knew that. i mean, doesn't everyone?

well, i needed reminding.

because instead of looking for the joy and squeezing drops of happy from even the weary days?
i've been missing it. because i've had an ungrateful, complaining heart.
not all the time, but enough to make me recognize it's heading for a problem.
praise jesus for leading me to re-read this little book!

"complaining is bad for us, first of all,
because once we start, it only gets worse.
a complaining spirit is like a bad wound that has gone septic.
the infected flesh cannot be treated; it must be cut away,
or the infection will spread through the whole body.
and a tendency to complain, if not checked,
will spread through the whole of our lives and blight everything."
{jeremiah burroughs, in learning to be happy}

so. what are you looking at?
are you focused on your things, troubles, obligations, your self?
or are you looking up and out. seeking the lord's strength and joy to guide your days?

let's fix our gaze on christ.
let's stop complaining today. let's notice the beauty right outside our door.
let's give thanks so heartily that we squelch the life out of that poisonous spirit of ingratitude and complaint.

happy weekend to you.
make it great!


  1. Love this. Isn't crazy how a complaining spirit just creeps in?!? Well it's Friday! That is something to certainly be thankful for :) I hope that next week is a much brighter one for you and your little family.

  2. yes. complaining just seeps into everything ike a disease... but i guess that's what sin is anyway. thank you for sharing about that "second day". maybe you've talked about it before and i missed it, but wow. i need to do that. lots of days, i do. but i didn't know that's what i was doing. does that make sense? probably not. just now that i have a name and purpose for it, it will feel less like slacking off and more like recharging. it will feel less like i'm throwing in the towel and more like i'm just regaining perspective and strength for the rest of the day ahead... with reese not napping anymore, they're LOOONG. anyway, thanks for sharing :)

  3. love this girly! just the other day i was feeling really whiny and down, oh poor me. then i read that day's entry from streams in the desert and it punched me right in the kisser. it was about how my self pity is self centered and devalues christ, basically. ouch. what a great reminder!

  4. 'choosing gratitude' is a must read. seriously you will love it. changed my perspective on life. thanks for the reminder to stop and see God in every aspect of our day.

  5. I have to remind myself of this DAILY. We cannot choose many of our circumstances, but we can choose our attitude in approaching them. Breathe in. Breathe out. Be grateful. For even our challenges are gifts from God. (can you tell I've been reading some 1000 gifts lately?)

  6. mmm, giving hearty thanks. i love the sound (and the reality!) of that. well said, my hannah.

  7. thanks hannah. i complain all the time about my home. 850 sqft. with 6 kids. erg... I feel frustrated just writing it. i know i don't need more. I only need more of christ. it makes me so desperately cling to him bc at the moment there is nothing in my power that can change my circumstances. nothing. (((((deep breath)))))) sometimes it just takes looking up and pausing at how good we do have it. i am not homeless... i have more than millions of people in this world and more importantly i have jesus.
    anyways thanks for being real. big blogging hug to you!!! happy weekend to you friend. ox

  8. Needed to hear this. Pretty badly. Thank you sweet friend!

  9. Goodness did I need to hear this today. Right this moment. Thank you for sharing! I've never seen that book before...might need to check that out :)

  10. love this. love love it. a good reminder, for sure. oh how many times a day i am complaining in my head. isn't it really just grumbling to God about what He has given? and isn't it always good in the end? thanks for this, hannah girl.

  11. amen! complaining USE TO come naturally to me. i did it all. the. time. then the Spirit lead me to begin delighting instead. DELIGHTING MORNING THROUGH NIGHT. shutting that stupid complaining up and replacing it with delight. i find that is who i am now (unless i'm pms-ing or depressed). delighting is like that picture, it's like breathing, like re-inflating my deflated lungs.

  12. SOOO true, precious! what a great reminder :)

  13. This reminder is needed over and over and yet over again! Thank you. I love the concept of the second day, not sure how to implement this into my work routine but gonna give it a shot. Maybe my second day will only be 15 minutes but it will still be worth it ;)

  14. Such a powerful quote....thanks for sharing! :-)