Monday, May 07, 2012

today is a great day! {miscellany monday}

that's what i should be saying every morning when i wake up.
today is a great day.
and then, make it happen.

we're enjoying some amazing spring weather.
whatever those pretty pink trees are, they are rocking my socks. they're everywhere!

i'm overwhelmed by the encouraging comments and emails i received from my post on thursday.
i'm looking forward to responding to every single one!
thank you. i feel so energized and motivated, simply from YOU.

and since i "came out" about me and food. it only made sense that i should bake a treat.  uh, what?

these are amazing. they are one of my very favorite sweets, and so easy to whip up.
recipe found here, and it even lists the calorie info. if you're into that. which i am. now.
when i baked these, i decided beforehand that i would get one bar. one.
the other thirty-five would go along with patrick to work. his co-workers were thrilled, and so was i.
because i enjoyed one treat. rather than getting sick on twenty.

that book up there? i've pulled that out again.
the concept there is, for example, when i want a coconut cookie bar, i really only want a few bites.
when you think about it, how much are you tasting your food after those first bites?
anyway, really fun little book. check it out.

here are a few instagram photos from recent days:

i'm excited for this new week.
it's not a very busy one, which i need badly.

p.s. i've lost four pounds already.

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  1. yes, today is going to be a good day.
    this week, a good week.
    committing it to the Lord.

    you encourage and inspire me.
    here, specifically.
    and in so many other ways.

    your joy is contagious today.
    thanks hannah! <3

  2. go girl!

    i wish my week wasn't busy. on the bright side there is only 4 weeks left of school. then my boys and i get to be summer bums. WOO!

  3. Happy Monday sweet friend! Love that you are down 4 pounds! Wooo Hooo!

  4. I just made these, thanks to you! :) Unfortunately, I didn't determine to eat just one. Do they firm up a lot more after they are cooled?

    1. hey, ruth! YES. i keep them in the fridge. they firm up, and taste even better, in my opinion :)

  5. Your beautiful attitude is contagious- smiling just reading over this :) And Elijah is such a cutie! oh my goodness.

  6. A few things:
    1. I'm so proud of you!!
    2. Remember when you drew KA-pow?
    3. It's gonna be a great week...

  7. Congrats on the four pounds!! I've been using an app on my phone to count calories and mom picked up a stationary bike at a yard sale so I got up early to exercise. I feel so much better when I'm taking care of little ol me: ) Glad you are seeing success. Love!!!

  8. woo hoo on 4lbs!! totally checking out that book, too. :)

  9. I gained your four pounds looking at those coconut bars...

    LOVE your goodness and outlook!!! Everyday God gives us IS a great day!

  10. Hmm, yes. French Woman Don't Get Fat. That book has been know to float around here. Good one! (I agree with Laura, gained while admiring the bat cookie. And agree, sending them out of the house is a great help to self-control and blesses others)! Love the eye/ring pic-very exotic!

  11. Awesome on the 4 pounds and the willpower!

  12. Great job! That's a great verse, I need to put it on my "To Memorize" list. Keep up the good work!

  13. like laura i also gained 4lbs looking at the coconut bars. :-)
    yeah for losing 4lbs. i know it feels good, so i am glad for you.

    pretty pink tree.

    i love spring. love REBIRTH! need it. all things new.

  14. Are they dogwood trees? If so, I LOVE those! Hoping to plant one in our backyard soon.

    But more importantly than the cute tree... YEA!!! for the 4 lbs!!!!

  15. i love that book! i love that it is light and does not have a million hard core rules : )

    great job on the commitment to you & your health! you inspire hannah.

  16. go 4 lbs!! :) proud of you. and those bars look heavenly. love you!!!

  17. I love those magic cookie bars!! I don't bake sweets very often, but our little bakery down the street makes them. I aven't had one in a while... hmmm.

    Hooray on the four pounds.

  18. Hi Hannah, such pretty pink trees! Our spring blooms are long gone - glad you posted a pretty pink pic!

  19. 'and He will act.' love that!

    i am cheering you on, my girl. you + God have got this.

  20. My cousin made me those bars once. I almost
    Woot woot on the 4 lbs. Go girl!

  21. i love those pink trees too....spring is my fav! i'm praying as you continue to loose the weight. Can't tell you how thankful I am for your vulnerability in sharing. You are an encouragement in ways you don't even know.

  22. 4 pounds?? whoo hoo!! glad you have a low(er?) key week, we all need those. :)

  23. seriously, everything in moderation. a bite of a cookie is great. a dozen cookies? not so much. : ) i'm proud of you! the Lord is going to guide you through this, i'm sure of it. since the pounds are already starting to fall off, that just gives you more motivation! loves ya!

  24. Can't tell for sure from the picture but it looks like it might be a double blooming cherry tree. 4 lbs since last week??? WooHoo! Praying I don't go crazy at the Nurses Week party this afternoon!

  25. so I just caught up on all you post...and I find you more amazing than I already did!