Thursday, May 24, 2012

"thank you" feels inadequate

because i feel like there just aren't words to convey the appreciation we feel right now.
elijah's just finished his last day of regular preschool. a short summer session begins next week!

this morning when we dropped him off, we gave his four teachers small gifts.
this is one of those times that i wish we had millions, that's how much these teachers deserve.

the preschool special needs program that elijah's been blessed with is beyond incredible.
his teachers all adore him and are sweet, patient and encouraging.
honestly, it still seems surreal.

god, this is really for us? these perfect teachers? this awesome classroom and facility? really?

talk about abundantly above our dreams.

day to day, progress is difficult to measure. when i look at my journal and the calendar, i see big strides.
and i believe that school has played a huge role in this improvement.
since his first day a few months ago, we know so much more about our boy!
and elijah seems to understand and try to communicate so much more.
hope overflows, delightful days are frequent.
this is a gift.

jesus is near. he is working hard!
and i am grateful.

what are you grateful for today?

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  1. amen.
    what an amazing blessing the Lord has for you there.
    amidst the difficulties he lined up for you guys to be there, for the teachers and facility to be there.

    so encouraged to see how He provides for you and your little family.
    thanks for sharing that with us.
    your joy abounds!

  2. What gret teachers you have and such a blessing. Sometimes we get so bogged down int he day to day that we miss the little changes that make a big difference.

  3. I'm grateful that I get to sit in my comfy yellow chair and watch my kids out the window play bball with their friends while I sip my coffee. Running a daycare in my home can be stressful, but God keeps reminding me that it's MORE of a blessing than a burden.

  4. I'm so thankful I've found you and this sweet blog! We are going through lots of testing for my 10 month old son and it's encouraging to read about your journey. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I'm still praying for your church situation as you've recently shared, but what a huge blessing to have such a great school for your little man! Praise God!

  6. i'm so with you teachers are such a blessing! i am super thrilled preschool has been a blessing for you all. YAY!

  7. you are such a dear to bring them such sweet thank you's. rejoicing with you over these big steps - God is so kind and always near to us, working small miracles out right before our very eyes. i'm grateful to hear about your journey. xo!

  8. It is always such a blessing to me to see others pouring their lives into my children. What a blessing to have such a special place for Elijah right where you are!?

  9. Gooosebumps! I love this sweet post! Hooray for great teachers and strides! That smart boy is coming out of his shell! Praise Jesus!


  10. I love this! It's amazing to see the people who God puts in our lives at the exact time they are needed. : )

  11. This is so very sweet. Funny thing is I was just at Ethan's preschool for Mom's day today and I was thinking about how grateful I am for the wonderful teachers and staff there. He's in the perfect place for him and I couldn't ask for more.

  12. hannah, i LOVE that you journal! i journal, too, and it has been so key for me to see growth in areas of my life. i love that you have found the blessing of seeing E's progress thru it. toats adorbs gifts for the teachers. you're adorable!
    <3 <3 <3

  13. teachers who truly love and enjoy our kiddos are a beautiful thing. most years i pray something along the lines of: God, the education part would be great, but mostly please pair my children up with teachers who will treasure them. and He provides.

  14. This is beautiful. I found you through a thankful thursday link up. Happy to be your newest member here. You have such a bright, cheery, and encouraging space here. I look forward to reading more here.

  15. i'm thrilled for you and elijah and your fam. god knows just what we need in advance! don't you think? love you so much!

  16. I have discovered that my heart has a special place for those that help and love on my children. :) End of the year teacher gifts are so appreciated too! Glad that you can look back and see the changes and rejoice in what God has done.

  17. Praise God for His abundant provision. So thankful that you have been so blessed with wonderful teachers! Darling gift bags for them! :)

    Excited to see you opened an Etsy shop!! Very cute earrings! I hope you get lots of sales! :)

  18. New follower from Wiegand hop! Your blog is really cute.. Look forward to reading it. Love for you to follow back when you get a chance.