Wednesday, May 09, 2012

my game plan {to beat the hell out of my food addiction}

hello, there! could someone please tell me, where is may going so quickly?
i feel like easter was last week.

i thought i'd take a few minutes and share some thoughts.
my "action plan" for getting on top of my problem with food.

i've got my shoes, my weights and my mat.

i'm trying to get the 30 day shred in a few times a week.
while i realize that it's most beneficial when done on consecutive days, i just can't manage it.
even with elijah at school four mornings a week(which ends very soon for summer),
i have many other things to take care of. so. the shred is done for sure three times a week.
sometimes i can do more, and that's great. my goal is to just do something every day.

at the beginning of the week, i prayed about starting an online course.
the lord's table course offered through setting captives free is just excellent.

with this program, i'll be doing some bible study.
this is all geared toward turning my focus to god alone, and away from food.
seeking his glory, rather than just wanting to lose weight or get healthy for my own sake.

i asked the lord for guidance on who to ask to partner with me for accountability.
today i decided who they'd be and they accepted. it's legit, no hiding now, i guess:)
this means, whenever i complete a lesson during the 60 day course, my partners will get an email.
they'll see my answers and also know that i completed the lesson that day.
this also allows them to stay updated on specific prayer needs i may share in relation to the course.
super love it. and i highly recommend it for anyone, including you!

anyway, i finished my first lesson earlier today.

earlier than that i registered and entered my partner emails.
this is what happened during those few minutes:

elijah, in his 2010 halloween costume, having a baby powder party.
all over the living room.

moving on.

in addition to the course online, the shred and brisk walks, i'm on fitness pal.
if you'd like to be all up in my business, i'm 'wifeysinger' and would love to have you join me.
participate on your desktop/laptop or on your smartphone!

with my fitness pal, i log my daily calories and exercise. as well as recording my current weight.
i plan on weighing myself no more than twice a week.
the fun part is, i've got some awesome girlfriends on there(again, please join me!) and we encourage each other!
sometimes i write things like "i want an extra thick vanilla milkshake".
you know, to get it off my chest.

it's been really helpful and even fun to have an easy tool like fitness pal to track my progress and calories.

i'm grateful for the bible study i'll be doing through the lord's table course.
but i'm also re-reading french women don't get fat.
it's a fun book, and has incredible wisdom.

lots of changes are being made for me. for real.

i realize that much of this may be your normal. it just isn't mine.
i have fallen into some ridiculous habits.
i think that actually implementing these simple new patterns into my life
will really make a way for change. praise jesus for his strength all the way!

i'm really not depriving myself of anything.
maybe some other time i'll share what i eat and don't eat, how often i get treats and whatever.
but for this week, we're done chatting about this!

so. there's a peek at my game plan.
feel free to email me i'm loving the emails, y'all! and we can talk more!

the real heart of all this, is my heart.
my heart has been awakened to the need to get this right before the lord.
and having truly surrendered this addiction to him now? i'm already feeling so free.

this isn't about reaching my goal weight.
this isn't about my waistline.
this isn't even about my cholesterol.

this is about defeating a stronghold of sin in my life.
showing the devil and my sinful nature who's boss. jesus christ.
and by his spirit's power, i will get this right. food will be in its rightful place. and i will be free.
to god be the glory!

god is faithful, and he is saving me from this. day by day.

teach me to do your will,
for you are my god!
let your good spirit lead me
on level ground!
{psalm 143:10}

*affiliate links used for shred and book recommendations. because, hey, why not? :)


  1. go girl..proud of you & love you much!

  2. i am excited for you friend. to see what the Lord does in and through you.
    your obedience and courage is inspiring.

    love you. praying for you.

  3. Excellent. I am curious about this course...must research.

  4. So so excited for you!!
    Love you friend.;)

  5. I am busting at the seams proud of you! Have you read Made to Crave? I've heard it's chop full of wisdom. I haven't gotten my hands on it yet.

    I'm over here raising the roof got you!


  6. this is great, hannah! i've been doing the 30 day shred now for 3 months and i it. that 'french' book looks hilarious! have you ever heard of the book 'made to crave' by lysa terkeurst? i've heard it's great. loveya, you can do this!
    <3 <3 <3

  7. so proud of you. we ALL could use your wisdom. because how often is food a spiritual issue? it IS. and i don't even realize it. thank you for helping me see that. you are an inspiration.

  8. I am totally digging this post - I feel like you are fiercely determined to do this right, that you are doing the right things, but then you still have the sense of humor to take a picture to share with us of the baby powder party (ugh..!) Love it!

  9. woot! so encouraged by this post, and ready to get on board! you are completely right about food being more than just a thing but a spiritual obstacle as well. looking forward to watching your journey unwind...

  10. I commented before, then lost it, but anyway, I wanted to tell you that I am digging this post and your obvious fierce determination to do this the right way, and I also love that you, in the midst of your seriousness about tackling the food issue, took the time to take a picture of the baby powder fiesta - so you are keeping your sense of humor in the midst of the MADNESS! :) Love you, cuz.

  11. this was a great post!! God IS Faithful!!!! good luck on your journey!!
    btw...nice to "meet" you :)

  12. Way to go, Hannah! The journey will be hard, but good, but then isn't that how refinement usually works? I'm praying for you and cheering you on! Love you!

  13. this is so good! i want to read that "french" book. i have a goal to be more healthy too.

  14. Thank you for sharing your plan of action. I know you'll succeed because you've put the Lord at the helm of the whole thing! You're such an encouragement to so many. You do know the Lord is using you in this, right? So excited to see where it takes you!

  15. So inspired by your strength and heart to do this for His glory! Wishing the best for you :)

  16. I love you hannah singer! I too struggle with this & you are so inspiring to me. Can't wait to hug you in person this fall!!

  17. 1. Cuppaparentaladvisory with the title.
    2. Hannah! I'm so proud of you! Excited to be on the journey with you! Loveeeee you!

  18. Sing it! Your post is so inspirational, a blessing and an encouragement. It's so amazing to see you setting out on this journey.

  19. 1) soooooooo proud of you. 2) LOVE (and hate!) 30 day shred! 3) just added you on myfitnesspal. 4) cheering for you every step of the way! xoxo

  20. love your inspiration and that your not depriving yourself of anything! If I don't allow myself to have for example cookies...all I think about are!

  21. "this is about defeating a stronghold of sin in my life.
    showing the devil and my sinful nature who's boss. jesus christ."

  22. So excited for you!!!! I'm on fitness pal too. I'll look you up! I read Why French Women Don't get Fat....why do they put SO many yummy recipes in there? Your Bible study sounds awesome!! Praying for you on your journey.

  23. Yay! Can't wait to see how the Lord works in you through this journey. :)

  24. i love, love, love your heart on this.
    i have gone through these same exact battles, too!
    count me in as your prayer buddy to encourage you along the way.
    God can absolutely free you of this and He will perform it!
    proud of you!