Tuesday, May 29, 2012

merry and peace-filled

patrick's been working every day since thursday, and will continue until friday.
times like these are often wearisome and just plain hard.

this time has been different.
these last several days have been a delight.

sure, there have been a few fits. thrown by elijah and myself.

i've been tired and gotten regretfully snappy, and been forgiven.

elijah took a big tumble and banged his head, near his eye.
scared me half to death, but praise jesus, all is well!

bills came in the mail, the sun was often hidden and we're out of chocolate chips.

but this has been good. these days have been sweet to me.

i believe it's because the lord is here.
i cry to him daily and he is hearing me. he is with us.

i see him in elijah's new love of spreading out napkins and having meals or treats on them.
sitting (briefly) still and quietly. we smile. we laugh and enjoy.

i see him in my full belly after one proper portion of dinner.
he's set my heart to hunger more of him, not more of food.

i see him in my husband, taking out the trash, helping clear the table and supporting my spontaneous ideas.
he's given me a true helper in my best friend.

i see him in my bible studies.
he is direct and gentle with his reproof. he helps me.

my heart is light,
he is carrying my load.
my mind is free
to love others,
care for myself,
be creative,
and rally up new songs of praise.

i've been reminded that my circumstances aren't the compass for my soul's direction.
christ is my portion.
he is my joy.
he is my peace.

blessed be the lord,
who daily bears us up;
god is our salvation.
{psalm 68:19}


the giveaway winner
is carrie from carrie in chaos!
hooray, email me!

thanks everyone, for your incredible support for my new venture!
the shop is super fun for me.
be on the lookout, new designs are added as i get time to create!

happy tuesday, make it great!


  1. I am so, so happy that you've been doing so well. :)

  2. Always blessed when I read your words.

  3. I just love the "ordinary" days. Thank you for sharing yours!

  4. 'i've been reminded that my circumstances aren't the compass for my soul's direction.
    christ is my portion.
    he is my joy.
    he is my peace.'

    such a beautiful and true word to start out my day. thank you, my hannah.

  5. thanks for sharing today. so glad your days have been good and filled with joy. love that verse. thank the LORD he bears us up DAILY! what would we do without him?!?

  6. so happy to hear this!! love that verse. don't think i've ever read it before. :)

  7. I have worn my earrings three days in a row. They match my swimsuit, my church dress, and my favorite shirt. :)

    LOVE those sweet little fingers and those Smarties. And praise God for good perspective!

  8. Beautiful perspective, Hannah! Congrats to Carrie for winning. :-)

  9. Thank you for sharing! I am so thankful for New Mercies each day! The Lord is so so good!

  10. I love your creations. And what a blessing to find delight in the Lord. One of those simple things that I can let slide a lot. Beautiful Hannah.

  11. I LOVE this- "my circumstances aren't the compass for my soul's direction". Beautifully worded.

  12. priase God for what he is doing. he is always faithful, i am rejoicing with you that it is so evident! :)

    and i LOVE carrie.
    i am so excited that she won!!

  13. ahhhh. I am so refreshed by you friend. that was like a deep breath for me. :)

  14. love it Hannah! Not only that things are well for you but that you can so easy see how God is working it all out for you! So glad to hear your blessings :)

  15. can you even imagine what our days would be without Him?
    oh, i need Him so, and His grace to cover my constant mistakes.
    beautiful words.

  16. amen, my dear. i just read tonight in the kid's storybook Bible about how the darker the night, the brighter the stars. how true is that! the more needs we have, the more we need our Savior. praying the rest of your week is sweet because of Him.

  17. Thanks for sharing about the little things...which all added up together make most of life....one very big thing! He is so good :)

  18. i've been reminded that my circumstances aren't the compass for my soul's direction.
    christ is my portion.

    So good.

  19. i loved this. it's amazing what a difference inviting the Lord into our day makes. if only we {I} remembered to do this each day. im so happy for you and how things are changing in a beautiful transparent way Hannah :)