Wednesday, May 02, 2012

keepin' on the sunny side

on monday i was trying to take a quick photo of some pretty strawberries.

and i had a little sweaty, high-pitched squealing child hovering over me and my business.
he kept grabbing at the berries, and if he'd been eating them, i wouldn't have minded.
but he was just taking them and squishing them onto his face and sighing happily.

that clown was wasting my precious fruit and he didn't even care.

elijah sure does make me laugh. and today i'm extra grateful for having him around to lighten the mood.

today, it's been five years since i was pregnant for the last time.
five years since a second ectopic pregnancy ended with abdominal surgery.
five years since it was final, i'd never birth a child.

sometimes i'm still really sad about that. sometimes i feel really broken and hopeless.

the lord is still working on my heart. and i'm trusting in his time to make it good.

the rainbows we saw sunday? they reminded me of his promises to me.
i even saw another one last night when we were picking patrick up from work!

my family, my blithe little boy, they remind me of god's faithfulness too. 
praise jesus for helping me keep me on the sunny side!

as for you, o lord,
you will not restrain
your mercy from me;
your steadfast love
and your faithfulness
will ever preserve me!
{psalm 40:11}

praise jesus.


  1. God fills those holes so perfectly, doesn't He? Yes, in His time.
    I took pictures of a certain little girl eating strawberries today. She's very meticulous. That bowl is one of the pieces I love from my childhood. My mama still has it.

  2. I love that sweet photo & story. :)

    Love you friend. Just remembered I still owe you an email! Oops!

  3. thank you for being a beautiful example of leaning into the Lord in our deepest pain. beyond thankful for you.

  4. oh friend.
    being a mama changes you doesn't it?
    everything is seen through a different lens.
    loss and finality take on a different weight.
    but i love your perpsective.
    sunny sides exist. they are real.
    what a shame to miss them.
    hugs to you.

  5. How often do I say this? You are so cool.

    You know, people who have not had to overcome, they don't have that cool about them.

    Praise God for healing and sunshine! Praise him for the hard days and the Elijah boys!

    Have a great day sweet friend!

  6. I am so thankful to know you, Hannah. You are such an encouragement to me. I love you!

  7. i need a little sunny side today :) thanks, girlie!

  8. ahhh, that sunny side makes me smile. love it! and you are such a positive reminder, always.

  9. hugs and prayers, precious! anniversaries like this can be so 11 year anniversary of the loss of my twin boys (at 14 wks in utero) was last week and i actually made a playlist on spotify called "crying music" and i just let myself cry for awhile. xoxoxoxoxo and praise God for the sunny side! :)

  10. amazing perspective.
    we can't always change our circumstances, but we can change those.

    and your picture makes me so happy - and hungry. strawberries...yummm.

    i love the Lord's reminder of his faithfulness. he is using you being reminded, to remind me.
    he just keeps on working, doesn't he.

  11. How amazing that God knows what you're struggling with at this anniversary and sends you TWO rainbows!

  12. Hannah. Made me laugh that Elijah would smush and sigh! I am grateful for your heart. Praise God.

  13. Great perspective my friend. Keep your head up and have faith God's plans for you. Romans 8:28.
    Also, I didn't know we had matching pyrex. I knew we were meant to be ;)

  14. Seeing that pretty dish your strawberries are in--reminded me I have that pretty little gift from my papa's kitchen when he downsized this year. Just the thought of that made me smile: )

  15. Great words, Hannah! -I still love your pretty photo of the strawberries and vintage bowl-I have a strawberry smusher in my house too. I wish I could always think of their little messes as "lightning the mood"-hard, isn't it? But they really are blessings and a testimony of God's faithfulness to me too-to fill my home and life with kids-thanks for the reminder today!

  16. Hannah - you have the most beautiful heart. And isn't so amazing that God know what things we need - even the little things. All we have to do is see them. I love you beautiful faith and spirit. Such a wonderful thing to know you.

  17. love you hannah! you are a beautiful precious mommy and i am so glad i met you!

  18. If only more of us could look at things in life the way you do. I'm so blessed to have you as a friend.

  19. Such a difficult thing to mourn. I mourn with you, Hannah. But I know our God restores and redeems... I know He is at work.