Tuesday, May 22, 2012

i believe it.

i can wake up each new day, and be productive.
i can make wise food choices.
i can have healthy, god-glorifying thoughts. 
i can find joy. every. day.

i just started a new scripture reading plan.
(check it out, soul detox on youversion!)

i think it's based on a book, but i've yet to learn for sure.
what i do know, several instagram and twitter pals are participating.
each day we'll share something we gleaned from the devotion.
we stay connected by tagging our photos/thoughts with #shereadstruth,
it's not too late for you to join us!

the plan is to identify toxic thoughts in our lives.
then destroy them through replacing them with scripture.

this is perfect for me right now, and i'm adding it to my plan to defeat my food addiction.
(speaking of my plan. i am absolutely loving the setting captives free program. highly recommend it!)

i believe i can do this.
have a godly thought life, serve others, not idolize food...anything.
because god says it's possible through christ.
and when i feed on his word, filling up on him and seeking his face, he honors that.

i'm created in the image of god, placed in this time for a purpose.
ultimately to bring glory to him and share his truth.
i believe i will be useful for his kingdom, beginning in my own heart and in my family.

i am encouraged by the physical progress i've already seen, like losing eleven pounds!

better still, the spiritual progress.
the work the lord has done and is doing in my life through study and communion with him.
he is my strength.  this is the true reward.
christ is my true satisfaction.

i am excited. i think about life in general, not only my conquering food.
i am really believing god, taking him at his word. and this is cause for rejoicing!
some days are certainly more difficult than others, but the lord is always near. and i can press on.

what are you believing?
are you trusting in yourself, or in christ as your strength for today?
join me. let's fight to win each day for HIM, together!



  1. Eek! I am so excited for you- for all of us! We can do this. Love you right back, friend.

  2. dear miss Hannah,
    i'm so happy for you for losing eleven pounds! that's awesome!
    i might have to join in on instagram...so that's what i'm seeing! :)
    what a challenge to not only read the Word, but BELIEVE it and claim it for our own!
    He is Truth! and i so often take that for granted.
    have a blessed week, friend. i will be praying!

  3. praise Jesus for 11 pounds! So proud of you!

    We're focusing on home, and it is good. Hard. But good.

    Have a great week!

  4. Thanks for sharing this Hannah! I usually read the bible on You Version but I had no idea how much they have improved their devotional plans! Great selection! I have started one today. Your post was a great encouragement and motivator :)

  5. beautiful! I'm catching up with soul detox... and am kind of amazed at the support/accountability of using social media for personal Bible study!

    so excited for your progress- physical and spiritual. God is so good!

  6. i am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished through your weakness and the Lord's strength! keep up the great work and leaning into him! :)

  7. this is really a great idea. you are doing so well. Christ is alive in you!

  8. This made me cry. I love that you are excited! Christ is doing a mighty work in you and I'm blessed to journey with you. Love you so much. xoxo

  9. I rejoice with you for your physical and spiritual progress!! So excited for you! I'm working on detoxing my thoughts, too. I love the little glimpses into people's journal... very encouraging. :)

  10. such a great reminder. thanks for sharing! new to your blog & really enjoyed looking around!

  11. this scripture reading regime sounds like a good one, going to have to check that out. and i tip my hat to you for believing God. so much easier said than done. i've been stewing over some things that i should definately be handing over.

  12. yeah for your changes both physically and spiritually. your a rock star! so proud of your hard work.


  13. i am enjoying soul detox too. i have some of the same thoughts i need to replace with truth.

  14. Oh i just love you and this. I can hear the work that the Lord is doing in you...the excitement. I'm trusting and believing today with you hannah for greater things to come. :)