Thursday, May 31, 2012

grateful. and that pretty well sums it up.

ok. i know i have rambled before about friendship and such. like here and here.
today, i simply need to tell you some more.

i have the absolute best collection of friends.
sometimes i've mentioned them on the blog, because this is part of my life!
and i am pretty sure that you'll eventually hear about all of them here.

today, i need you to know how grateful i am for two in particular.

there aren't many (any?) other people that i group text.
two people though, i text/tweet/email almost every day.
such great conversations between the three of us :)

and i dare say, we are the funniest people you'll ever meet.
well, at least we crack ourselves up.

these girls make my day time and again.
their ability to draw me out of a funk, often when they are unaware they're doing so, is 100% effective.

they are both beautiful inside and out.
both have hearts of gold for others.
they encourage me.
and best of all, they love king jesus and make him known.

i love these two crazy people.

for more in depth, accurate details about us three, see here:

{print from, another dear friend, nic's beautiful sweet tea shoppe!}

and that pretty well sums us up.

hugs to you, KA and BA.
ridiculously grateful for you both.
i love you.

linked up with carina and alysa...who happen to be two more amazing blessings in my life!
my cup overflows!

what are you grateful for today?


  1. Hannah! I love you!!! This made my night! So so thankful for the two of you.

  2. love you, lady. thanks for linking up!! (i count you as one of the best friends around, btw.)

  3. hannah, i can't tell you how much i love that you know this kind of friendship too. sometimes i fear my besties and i are the only loonies out there. :)

    happiest thursday to you, my friend.

  4. that print is hilarious!! love it! you guys crack me up. especially when you begin texting each other in french, or whatever.

    thankful for YOU!

  5. Yay! So glad for the three of you. No one gets my jokes with my besties either. It makes the relationships all the sweeter, I think!

  6. oh i think those two are pretty awesome, too! thankful you are encouraged by them, hannah. i am, too! miss you!

  7. What a blessing to have people to lift you up in seriousness and in humor!

  8. Hannah I wish my iPad would go international so I could reply in another langauge to convey how I feel properly!! But you are one KA HA. Certifiably!!!!!!!! I was praying for you this morning and pray that God continues to do a mighty work in and through you and all of the awesomeness he has bestowed on you!!! <3

  9. Hooray for great friends!! I am thankful for friends today too :)

  10. those two are the and so are you! xxO

  11. having friends is one of the best blessings in life! have a happy weekend sweet friend!

  12. What a sweet post...what a blessing to have such wonderful people in your life!

  13. Vampires!?!?! That's hilarious!!! Love it!!! There is nothing in the world like a BFF that "gets you"!!!

  14. well isn't this just precious! friends are so essential and God is so gracious to give us community!

  15. You make me smile... and they are the lucky ones.

  16. Ahh, this is really so sweet. There is nothing quite like the sisterhood in life. Love it. My big sister Jen comes to see me today and that is what I am so thankful for. I can hardly wait to squeeze her neck.

  17. Loved this:) God is so good to us to surround us with friends who encourage us to want to be more like Him. Love you! xx

  18. how fun...i love girl friends!
    I am thankful for new life, answered prayers, and sweet friendship!!