Friday, May 11, 2012

coffee break {links for you}

happy friday, kiddos!

today has been rough so far. just being honest.
it's gorgeous and sunny out though! 47 degrees. but pretty all the same.

i hope you'll grab a cuppa and browse these links with me this afternoon, wonderful stuff here:

i couldn't agree more, tracy. hop on over to shutterbean for a perfect round-up of recipes.
this one is super cute!

and while we think of mother's day, here are some posts you really must read:

dear you by ellen at handmade recess

honoring mom by angel at living with moxie

i love this fun diy from how about orange: stiffened felt boxes

lindsay at pen and paint shared a cute printable for a teacher...can't wait to use these later this month!

helloooooo, soap that i need.

one of my most favorite bloggers is back with a new online home. praise jesus.

bon at a golden afternoon shared this delicious recipe with kid version, too!

blueberry cream cheese coffeecake seems like something i would like to know more about.

in case you haven't already, stop what you're doing, and meet ian and larissa

how about you? what treats have you found online this week?


  1. Great links Hannah! I hope your day turns around! Hugs!
    ps..I jumped up and down when I saw Rachel was back :)

  2. The video of Ian & Larissa wrecked me. In a good way. I'm possibly toeing with the line of mildly obsessed but she's been blogging at She also has a personal blog and is a contributor to a design/creative blog of sorts.
    Thanks for all the links! I look forward to clicking through them. I hope your Friday shapes up into something good! Happy Weekend!

  3. i LOVE how you share these links - so great...looking forward to checking them all out later today! i love you friend!!! :) praying for peace and joy for you today...He IS with you!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing these fun links!!

  5. yes. you are generous, a hand linker.

    thankful for you!

  6. Wow these are some great links! Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. Those little boxes are sooooo cute! xoxo

  8. that drink looks so refreshing. it's currently 89' in my town. say hey, you wanna trade my hot weather for your gorgeous sky. pretty please with a cherry on top? have a wonderful weekend, & have a wonderful mothers day.

  9. We were all talking about Ian and Larissa here too! A-MAZ-ING! Thanks for the links, have a joy-filled week.

  10. Thanks, my friend! I hope you wake up refreshed tomorrow! I'm so happy Rachel is back, too :)