Monday, April 02, 2012

yesterday {a good buzz}

patrick was away for a few days last week. training for work.
truly, flying solo in the parent department was even harder than i expected. god is so good. we made it!
saturday was mostly spent hopped up on papa being home.
yesterday was much calmer; not calm. but calmer.

yesterday was a little piece of peace.

it was palm sunday. can you believe that easter is less than a week away?
i found an awesome prayer that i thought made for perfect reflection for the special lord's day.
the sun was shining, we had the windows open and enjoyed the crisp breezes that whispered through the apartment. patrick worked, so i didn't attempt a park visit on my own. and it was a great day anyway! 

elijah spent the day in his deteriorating buzz lightyear costume. it's a bit snug in most parts, compared to this past halloween. it doesn't bother him one bit. he can even put it on by himself! and he does. oh, that hood.

we painted. not for more than two minutes at a time, but we painted.
then elijah deemed the paint water better suited for the floor.
i sopped it up. and i laughed all the way, because elijah was laughing.
and he's ridiculously cute in that silly costume.

we baked cookies. chocolate chip, per papa's request. elijah and i shared cookies in the living room.
we ate out of colanders. per elijah's request. as i loaded the cookie jar, elijah begged for more "tootkie".
there were so many for papa later, he'd never miss another one given to a space ranger.

i let elijah choose a movie to watch. and he didn't choose a toy story one.
beauty and the beast was the choice. and he acted out all parts, as usual.
in his buzz costume.

a nap almost happened. but it so did not.

we play doh'd. we looked at books,
we looked out the windows and enjoyed the fresh air.

someone pumped all the soap out of the soap dispenser in the bathroom.
someone emptied his entire closet contents onto his bedroom floor. in about six seconds flat.
i could go on and on.

buzz was busy.

buzz was also happy.

yesterday was a delight. not because it was easy. because it really was pretty crazy.
but it wasn't ruled by the maddening, out-of-control feeling that i so often have.

the lord was near.
he gave special grace, special peace.
he gave strength to persevere.
and he gave lots of smiles with that funny, fraying costume that elijah loves so much.

for you, o lord,
have made me glad by your work;
at the works of your hands 
i sing for joy.
{psalm 92:4}


  1. oh what a joyful day :) feeling his nearness and blessing in the midst of chaos brings more comfort and joy than anything. you are an amazing mama!

  2. Praise God for giving you His perspective.
    And yes, he is a doll in that suit!
    Love from,

  3. you are an inspiration my dear!
    God's love so evidently pours out of you!
    Elijah is so fortunate to have you as his mama

  4. "piece of peace," praying for many more pieces, my friend!! You deserve them: ) Love!!!

  5. I love those sweet words that the Lord was near. No better comfort.

    That boy looks so precious in his Buzz hood.


  6. wow hannah i am so glad for your day, it sounds simply perfect. life is good!

  7. Love your perspective, and so glad that the Lord gave you peace! Indeed he is so cute in that costume!!

  8. Praying for your perspective today...thank you for sharing the joy you shared with your precious boy!!! I need the reminder to let go today!

  9. i think this is my favorite kind of buzz for sure.

    praise jesus for the spirit and gift of grace you had yesterday! :)
    i love that even when the lord doesn't change our circumstances, he can mold and shape our attitude towards them. :)

    sounds like you truly enjoyed the day.

    and the cookies too. :)

  10. "Buzz" is so cute! And praise the LORD for peace! and for days like these that give us time to take note of his grace.

  11. I am so blessed by following your blog. I am truly inspired by you. I'm a speech therapist and I currently have three children with Autism on my caseload. Each of them are different. In just the short periods of time with them, I get overwhelmed sometimes. You are such a wonderful, patient mother and are so inspiring. Although busy, I'm glad yesterday was so good for you and "Buzz". It was such a blessing to read this post.

  12. You are amazing. I was wondering how going solo went. You survived!!!

  13. Loved these pictures of Elijah aka Buzz. Made me smile. Being without Patrick was hard I'm sure but it sounds like God was with you every step of the way.

  14. You inspire me to be better at patience!!!!

    Also, I'm scared to buy miles a buzz costume. I don't know what would happen.

  15. Oh, our Buzz days are over, I think. :( Makes me kind of sad that the costumes don't fit anymore. I'll never forget when we went to the drive in to watch Toy Story 3 together. Josh and I cried so much at the end!

    So glad the Lord helped you through the weekend.

  16. this makes me glad. to see your boy having fun and enjoying things. so precious. it makes my heart full! : ) continuing to pray for you my dear, that the days would be blessings full of strength.

  17. Crazy days can be the happiest! Love the outfit!

  18. I have had so many days where I let my craziness take over which just makes for a rotten day. Then I will have days like yours above where I just laugh it off and everyone is just happier. Good for you enjoying the moment, craziness and all. And your little buzz is so cute. Don't you wish he could fit in that costume forever?

  19. I love this post, Hannah. Your love for your son shines through your words. I can just feel your warmth and laughter.