Tuesday, April 03, 2012

too legit.

print from oh dier living

i have a motorola droid bionic cell phone.
it's a dandy little gadget. having a husband in the business allows me such a thing. and i likey.
one thing that my phone lacked. the coolest app of all time.

well. you may have heard that android now offers the instagram application.
if you don't know what that means, well, you're dead to me. kidding.

what it means is, i am finally a cool kid. kidding.

instagram is "a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your photos with friends and family."
how true! and what they didn't mention there is,
the magical fluttery feeling you get in your heart with every upload and every double tap of a friend's photo.

here are a few of my first snaps:

1. i took a photo of myself. and with only mascara and my burts bees on. #biggirlpants
2. elijah had and amazing day at speech therapy today.
we offered chocolate milk at starbucks, he wanted raisins. #weirdo #alsocute
3. we went out. on a date. it was a sweet time, sitting and chatting over a yummy calm dinner. #renewed
4. after dinner we strolled across the bridge, into minnesota, for a movie.
the weather was perfect and the movie was entertaining. if you like warrior greek gods and such #love

are you an instagrammer? let's be friends, i'm "wifeysinger".
don't have insta? no problem! i've added a little taste of my photos to the blog.
scroll down and peek at the right sidebar.
oh, and i should probably tell you, i am smitten with instagram.
not the photos or the fresh look of the app...

it's the people.
the friends, blog and otherwise that i can stalk keep in touch with in an extra special way.
seeing everyone's happy little photo shares, and hearing from them in comments.

that is all.

what are you up to? i want to hear all about how your week is going!


  1. You don't understand how happy I am you are on instagram!!!!

  2. Jami is rude and beat me to the first comment. I am so happy you're on insta!!!!!!

  3. I'm gonna down load the app like now. So I can be cool too. #ihaveadroid

  4. Seeing your happy face in my insta feed just MADE MY DAY!
    You are mos def a cool kid.


  5. you and your #hashtags make me laugh. out. loud. love you, funny girl.

  6. a million times yes. made my 2012 so see that notification come up: your twitter friend wifeysinger joined instagram. ask Kim. I screen shotted and sent it to her and we had a little text party about it. ok, goodbye. time for me to go find a life.

  7. i love love love instagram! i still have so much to learn about using it, but so far it is oh.so.awesome!

    you are beautiful - i love those pictures!

  8. i am thrilled you now get to experience the small joys of instagram! i will find you and follow. woot!!! you pretty girl, you. and woot for a date night!!!

  9. Jessica and I definitely did have a text convo. And she definitely did screen shot hahah! We were beyond excited! I love that you get it!!! Like keeping up with people in little snippets throughout the day is by far the best part. And raisins over chocolate milk? Really? Crazy cute kid!

  10. Love the instagram and I am SO jealous! I have a sad-sally phone. No instagram. No internet. It's junior high all over again.

    This week is moving along. Eggs dyed. Chicken grilled. Court produced nothing. Jesus reigns. Amen.


  11. haha i'm so giddy happy you're on instagram!!

  12. I love that photo of you! You look beautiful!

  13. Oh my goodness I was sooo excited yesterday when I got the email saying Instagram was available! I have been waiting patiently! I am off to follow you! :)

  14. Love your photos! I have instagram but I haven't used it. I guess I'm not sure exactly what the point is. I guess it's just a photo sharing site sort of like Facebook for photos? Since I already post all of my photos on FB, or on my blog or Shutterfly I'm just not sure I get it:-( Tell me what I'm missing.

    By the way, I'm terrible at figuring out the graphics on here, like how you got those photos in 4 square. My husband is a geek , not a graphic artist and he's so busy I don't really want to ask him for help so I keep plugging along.. lol! You are miles ahead of me!:-)

  15. oh yes...instagram is the jam, y'all. love.

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  17. following you now on instagram:) yay!

    So glad to hear your son had such a successful day at therapy...

    I always have such a hard time on good friday, we have a tragically beautiful service at church....but theeeeeeeeeeeeen SUNDAY comes!!!

    Happy easter Hannah! xo

  18. Really?????????
    Just goes to show that I'm always the last to know out here in amish land. Lol
    I have a droid remember? To further expound on my lack of tech I had no idea that instagram was a whole 'nother cyber world. I thought it was just a thing that made the pictures look cool. (Sad & true!) Thanks for the schoolin'.

  19. Glad you are having fun!! I should IG more. Haven't been doing enough of any kind of photography lately.

  20. so, instagram doesn't work on my phone. i need to upgrade the operating system; i'm sure that's the problem. (or it's God way of saying Rebecca you don't NEED one more thing right now...could be *smile*)