Monday, April 16, 2012

three faves {brother visit, the word and cupcakes}

happiest monday to you!
i would like to say, although words cannot express enough how grateful i am, thank you.

{card from lucky bee press}

the comments, emails and texts i received after this post truly blessed my soul. LOVE YOU.

it's a brand new week, and i'm excited to get it started.
my littlest brother, who isn't really little at all, is arriving in less than an hour!
patrick is on vacation from work, and feeding our funny elijah his lunch.
then we'll shortly be heading over to the airport. woohoo!

sometimes i read my devotions from several different bibles.
i like the freshness of perspective i get from different translations, you know?
over the weekend, i read my psalm portions from my old student life application study bible,
that i got only recently after i was converted. love this bible!
it's new living translation and has some really excellent notes, for any age and stage of faith.

i loved reading over psalm 34.
as i closed the book, i noticed a quote i'd written in from c.h. spurgeon #favorite

my prayer is that you'll be as encouraged today as i am by all of these good words!

speaking of encouragement, these prints arrived and i put them up last night:

darling jessi recently had an amazingly generous sale in her print shop.
i ordered this and this that i'd been craving.

and in case you didn't see on instagram, i also recently(finally!) put up more favorites from aly's print shop:

do you have scripture hanging around your house? you should get on that.

also you should get on this. cupcakes. i made some late saturday night, please no judging.
it was an extremely long day, that i foolishly ended with steam-cleaning my furniture.
so. cupcakes were required. and they are delicious.

and continue the no judging, i used a box mix for the cupcake.
but, as always homemade frosting. and this time i used this recipe. highly recommend.

enjoy your day! what are you up to this week?

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  1. i love naptime diaries, and pen & paint... if every square inch of my walls could be covered in prints with pretty drawings and scripture, i'd be happy. but that may look a little overdone, no?

    also, you have inspired me to start reading some real Bible scholar types. so far, I've started Tozer's "the pursuit of God". so maybe something from Spurgeon would be next? enlighten me, what should i do after "pursuit of God"?

  2. Mmmmm, that cupcake looks delicious! & I love all the scripture prints around your home. :)

  3. love all of this, BUT what i really want to know is what you use to put the frosting on your cupcakes. i've been thinking about this since you posted the pic on ig. seriously stayed up all night saturday pondering it. ha!

  4. girl, my house if full of scripture. Sometimes I think it's what keeps me sane. Also, Jessi is having another amazing sale on Wed! Gonna get myself hooked up. Also also, I want a cupcake.

  5. such a pretty cupcake!! Enjoy your time with your brother!!

  6. Love that quote... wrote it down for keeping. And I second the request for the pretty frosting application instructions. Mine never look so cute.

  7. Your cupcakes always look so delicious and fancy!!! And steam cleaning definitely calls for a reward!

    I'm so happy you get to spend a week with your bro and Patrick home. May it be a sweet time for your fam.

    Love those Scripture prints. I'm an ESV girl, and I'm so attached to my ESV study Bible. Thanks for your fresh perspective on getting fresh perspectives! :)


  8. scripture around the house is where it's at, girl! i was just speaking with a group of high school girls about this and they were telling me how powerful it was in their lives to have their moms put Bible verses around the house. His Word does NOT return void, my bloggy friend! thanks for psalm 34.
    <3 <3 <3

  9. you must have a frosting thingy, because it looks perfect, love that color too! recipe?
    Yes, I do have scripture around my house, I have a few cute vintage finds with scripture and I do the weekly printouts from B.R....I also have little "reminders" of quotes and scripture throughout, it really helps, doesn't it?!

    Have fun with your bro this week hannah!!!

  10. spurgeon is one of my favorites...and love all the scripture hanging in the house. I love getting new prints.

  11. mmm, i love visiting happy days.
    even your blog is saturated in scripture.
    which i love.

    my house, is getting there.
    little by little.

    soon my iphone is gonna have a little whatever is true on it. which i think is appropriate. :)

  12. Great Hannah. Now I have PRINY envy too.

    Going to buy the "His Banner Over Me Is Love" for my kitchen.


  13. No one can tell the difference when I make cupcakes from scratch. So, I almost always use a box for plain yellow and chocolate cakes and cupcakes. It allows me to spend more time and effort on the icing and decorations. A good icing is all that you need. :) I do have a great dark chocolate cake recipe that I make from time to time. But really, with enough butter and cream cheese, you can disguise almost anything to taste like cake. ha ha.

  14. Your prints are beautiful! I love them!

  15. I do not find anything wrong with boxed cupcakes. But I do not use store bought frosting.

    I second what Kim said about the scripture.

  16. I can't wait to post a picture of a new embroidery design called Fruits of the Spirit. You're gonna love it. Love your scriptures and love your cupcakes. Don't apologize about box mix! I love to start with box and dress it up but sometimes just use it as is. They look great. Now I'm hungry and it's bedtime:-)

  17. Thanks for the Scripture inspiration. :)

  18. Love the prints you got, I've had some verses around that I had just typed out for encouragement, but I love the idea of getting pretty ones and having them framed like artwork! Just seeing the scripture up on the walls is so encouraging and puts our thoughts in the right place. Oh, and you're right, it's neat to read the bible in different translations, I get so much out of it that way! I like to use because you can just switch easily from one translation to another, going through every single one! Love it! Be blessed girl!

  19. Very encouraging words, Hannah. That is a beautiful Psalm!! :)

  20. Right now (mostly since I'm in decorating hibernation) we only have one Scripture on our walls. It's in the living room, and it's Isaiah 8:18. Love that verse, and it always reminds me how important what I'm doing is, even when it doesn't feel important. And seriously? I would never judge you for making cupcakes - boxed or otherwise. I would judge you for not making cupcakes after a stressful day. Love you, Hannah!

  21. P.S.- I'm back. (I have a good bit of spare time on my hands.)

    I love that you said "you should get right on that". Ha! You have some sassy in you too!


  22. Hey there! I've never been here before and you are oh so delightful. :)

    Those prints are lovely! I have Jessi's "where you go I will go" one. Love it!

    Enjoy time spent with your brother!

  23. So happy you're happy - and with good cause! Those are some mighty encouraging words in the Word and on your walls. : )

  24. I needed to hear the encouraging words that you started out with from the scripture and the words written in your Bible by Spurgeon. Thank you for sharing them! I love your scripture art work and you're right...I need to get on that. :) And any day ending in a cupcake is a good day for me.

  25. your life is gorgeous. and i love that you surround yourself with visible scripture--i'm sadly lacking in decorating mojo, but that's an idea i can get behind!