Tuesday, April 24, 2012

a quick hello.

good morning!
i can hardly wait to get back to blogging.
and catch up on email. kidding about the email.

we're heading out in a bit to say farewell to my little brother.

our visit was filled with sweetness

and  plenty of silliness, too.

it was a blessing to have him here!

i hope your week is off to a delightful start.
happy tuesday to you!

this made me laugh:

gemma correll


  1. you are too funny.
    looks like a fun time.
    happy tuesday to you too!!!! <3

  2. HAHA! that made me laugh too. happy tuesday!

  3. So glad you had a good time with your brother! I think visits with my bro, now that we are adults...have been immensely more enjoyable!

  4. Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday! Glad you had a wonderful time with your brother!

  5. hahaha! so glad you had fun! xoxo

  6. That cartoon is pretty funny! Glad you had such a wonderful visit with your brother! I always love those :)

  7. DYYYYYYING. that is so my oldest. i think i might have to make a little printable out of that bad boy and hang it in her room. if i knew how to make a printable. and had a working printer. MISS YOU!!!!!

  8. brothers are a joy. i miss my bro :( so happy for you though!!! glad to hear the visit went well. blessing on your week friend ox.

  9. Ha! Spoiled milk! That totally made me laugh! Glad you had such a fun, sweet time with your brother. :)