Tuesday, April 10, 2012

heaven came down

some days are just lovely.
those days that i get a little glimpse into my son's incredibly wired brain,
and see that he understands so much more than i think he does!

elijah really loves picking out clothes and getting dressed. even more, he loves taking off his clothes.
often when he wants covered, he goes for a blanket or three, rather than getting dressed.

the other day he was being particularly cooperative and hilarious. he was mimicking nearly every word i said.
or at least trying to copy every word! melted my heart right away.

so. we sang. this kid loves singing!
and sometimes i think he even knows the lyrics better than i do. (crazy!)
why is it that when i go to sing, i can't remember any lyrics? does that happen to anyone else?

 i've had an old hymn on my mind.
and not just any old way. the way my parents sing it.
in fact, i'm pretty certain i can actually hear them singing it, that's how clear it is in my head.

growing up, our family sang a lot. it was kind of required. thankfully, i love to sing.
that's the real reason i married patrick, you know. for his last name.
lots of hymns and sunday school/camp type songs as a little child. then just about any old thing i liked!
also. we make up our own songs. not the brilliantly inspired "songwriter" stuff. just random.
y'all do that too, right?
back to the song in my head. here it is:

O what a wonderful, wonderful day
day I will never forget;
After I'd wandered in darkness away,

Jesus my Saviour I met.
O what a tender, compassionate friend

He met the need of my heart;
Shadows dispelling, With joy I am telling,

He made all the darkness depart.

Heaven came down and glory filled my soul,
When at the cross the Saviour made me whole;
My sins were washed away
And my night was turned to day

Heaven came down and glory filled my soul!

Born of the Spirit with life from above

into God's fam'ly divine,
Justified fully thru Calvary's love,

O what a standing is mine!
And the transaction so quickly was made

when as a sinner I came,
Took of the offer of grace He did proffer

He saved me, O praise His dear name!

Heaven came down and glory filled my soul,
When at the cross the Saviour made me whole;
My sins were washed away
And my night was turned to day
Heaven came down and glory filled my soul!

Now I've a hope that will surely endure

after the passing of time;
I have a future in heaven for sure,

there in those mansions sublime.
And it's because of that wonderful

day when at the cross I believed;
Riches eternal and blessings supernal

from His precious hand I received.

Heaven came down and glory filled my soul,
When at the cross the Saviour made me whole;
My sins were washed away
And my night was turned to day
Heaven came down and glory filled my soul!

those lyrics are simple and incredible. what a story. my own story!
and when i think that i learned and sang that song long before it could be said of me...i get chills.
i'm glad my parents sang with us. and forced me a little, when i didn't want to as a kid.
even though i wasn't converted until way later, the memories of songs like this one are very special.
it tells me that my parents just kept on sharing and showing truth,
whether they knew it was sinking in or not. whether we were getting along or not.

this old hymn is a catchy one.
imagine my irritation when it got stuck in my head when i was up to no good.
true story. more than once this song, or others just as annoying to a strung out teenager,
played loud and clear in my head. really takes the wind out of the sin sails, you know?

i want elijah to know this song. i pray it will be his story, too.
we're making amazing memories with this kid.
and i want to be certain that some good old songs and the word of his maker are part of that.

i'm thankful for my parents teaching me good songs. even when i thought they were dumb.
i'm thankful that i can share them with my sweetie elijah. i pray he hears.
i'm thankful that the lord placed him in our family. what a miracle!!

what's on your mind today?
what are you grateful for?

and p.s.
a newer version of this song was done by david crowder band. not too bad:)


  1. I love this song! Thank you for sharing what it means to you :)

  2. you really did get a doozy of a last name.
    kinda jeal.
    and glad you are passing on that honor to your son! :)

    i most definitely got most of my bible knowledge (books of and stories from) from sing along tapes with my mom in the car. :)

    also, those pictures of elijah? priceless.
    he is beautiful. :)

  3. Beautiful song. What an inheritance you are passing onto that beautiful, silly boy!

  4. Do you ever compare the hymns to the praise songs? Every once in a while I get really angry about it. Ha! But yes, I love this song, and I feel like I, too, can hear your parents singing it in my mind!!! Now it's stuck in my head - in a good way :)

  5. wonderful song. elijah looks so sweet in those snapshots!

  6. this little birdie's mama always sang a song to comfort us during thunderstorms (My God is Near Me All the Time) you know that one?

    Anyway, any time I hear thunder it tramples into my ears and will not let go. Sweet, sweet song.

    That Elijah boy melts my heart. He does.


  7. Oh he is so sweet! I can only imagine how precious it was to hear him sing!

  8. Oh wow! I grew up singing that song! I hadn't thought of it in a long time. Thanks for the reminder of a wonderful song! Good thing my iPhone has a lot of room for music! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures of Elijah!

  9. What a great thing to be taught at a young age - and to ass on to your little man. Him without his clothes, covered in blankets instead cracks me up.

  10. i love it when you post the lyrics to old hymns. you make me think of my grandma. i miss her. she sang all the time, which come to think of it is probably where i got it from. and the answer is yes i do that too!
    the photos of your boy are fab!

  11. how great you're teaching your elijah. we're teaching the kids different hymns durning our family devotion time too. Some great kids cd's I've found our the seeds family worship and sovereign graces's kids cd's...walking with the wise and be like jesus. check them out. they're really good. I too was converted later in life, but so much of what my parents were teaching me at a young age never left.

  12. love anything David Chowder band! Jars of Clay made a great hymn CD a few years ago...

  13. 'wind out of the sin sails'...i LOVE that. and amen to that hymn (and crowder's cover is my fave). you are some kind of wonderful, my hannah.

  14. he looks so absolutely adorable under those covers on the couch! i knew i heard that hymn before (i grew up in a church that did praise songs not hymns ... kinda sad!) and then when you mentioned the DCB that's when i remembered! oh, can you believe they broke up? i mean, i know all good things sometimes have to end, but them?? it was too sad. anyways, love this hymn. thank you for breathing truth to my spirit through it. : )

  15. i've got that wonderful song in my head now....LOVE it! yay for sweet memories with our kiddos that are focused on Jesus!

  16. i grew up singing that song in church! and elijah is so cute i just want to eat him up.

  17. thank you for posting the full song, until you did i only had a few lines stuck in my head. ;) love old hymns. love it when our church throws in a hymn or two on Sunday mornings, wish they always did. it bothers me that my children won't have those truths in their arsenal. i should work on this. thank you; as always something good was found here. :)

  18. you write SO beautifully!!! and yes, i LOVE that song! can't wait to go listen to the david crowder version :)

  19. Beautiful song. What a sweet boy you have.

  20. That hymn is one of my favorites!
    Love from,

  21. Love the pics. Love the song. Don't know how I missed this post in my reader!! Love you!!


  22. old hymns definitely speak to me the most.
    your boy is so very sweet, and he is super blessed to have YOU for his mama.
    blessings to you, hannah!

  23. He is so cute! I love to hear kids sing! Jude sings how great thou art with me and I melt! I love old hymns, and love this one. I forgot about it, though. I will have to teach him this one now!