Tuesday, April 10, 2012

happy easters {a quick post}

on saturday elijah and i dyed eggs. i was excited about the neon coloring...but then not so much.
it needs a lot of time in the dye cup, you know? and i was trying to let elijah be in charge.
each egg was basically speed dipped into his preferred color(pink, i think).
he colored on his eggs and put shimmery dots in just the right places. we had a lot of fun!
and meltdown crisis averted; thankfully, after some mild scrubbing, we removed the dye from our hands.

why i chose creepy bunny goodies for the easter basket, i do not know.
the rabbit movie sounded like a good idea. um, no.
the book and candy, new fork and spoon, mini dinos and coca-cola chapstick were a big hit!
hard to beat gonzo from last year though.

easter sunday was lovely. difficult, joyful and relaxing all at once.
i'll share more on the difficult bit soon.

we're grateful my sister, ben-in-law and niece ivy live so close!
it was wonderful to share an easter meal and laughter together. our children are fun.nee.

monday was spent recuperating from the excitement of candy and visitors.
and it was cold with snow flurries, so we stayed in. it was a good day.

patrick is home today, praise jesus.
looking forward to some time outside after errands.
then some blogging time!
what are you up to?

he is risen!

i read this last night and wanted to share it with you:
and those who know your name
put their trust in you,
for you, o lord, have not forsaken
those who seek you.
{psalm 9:10}


  1. Creepy bunny stuff! Ha ha! That made me laugh!

    Elijah did a spectacular job on his eggs. He has mad egg dying skillz.

    Have a happy day outside my friend!

  2. So glad you all had a great Easter. Great pics!

  3. Im so bummed the neon didn't work. I personally love the pez, kinda.

  4. Sounds fun! That basket is full of awesome goodies! So glad you and your family got to celebrate all together!

  5. soooooo i think elijah's eggs turned out pretty bright? he has mad skillz.
    i did not do any egg dying this year.
    i will hire him next year, deal?

    and your lil niece is too much.
    send her my way too while you're at it. :)


  6. HOW sweet and those pics! HAPPY EASTER GOOD FRIEND

  7. Dear, sweet Hannah! Your writing is just so refreshing! Love you all!
    Can't wait to tell you about Easter weekend in Jamestown.