Wednesday, April 25, 2012

{a few} sister thoughts

well, i miss my brother. it was such a huge treat having him in town!
my sister lives a few miles away, but both our brothers are on the east coast.
we miss them.

linnea and i are just incomplete without them nearby.
jack and jared really bring out the best in us. or at least the funniest.
we each have our own unique laugh, and use them often. and loudly.
we four just "get" each other. i love that. i love them.

{i'll call this photo "smoothie-sippin' face".
or maybe "why are you taking pictures of me right now, i am trying to love my breakfast".}

while jack was here, we lived it up. as in blew every penny we set aside for his visit.
enjoying great meals, dates out, paying for a sitter, visiting the candy shop every day...

plenty of talking-runs in the family, you know,
laughing, playing, late-night netflix watching and butterfinger blizzards.
i feel the need to note here that i've started this again.

as i soaked up this sweet time with my favorite almost 27 year old brother, i was thinking.

every time i find myself with any of my three siblings,
i find myself steeped in memories of our growing up years.
as the oldest, i have memories of all of us at nearly every stage.
i remember their births at home,
their funny baby teeth, squeaky voices
and all the annoying ways they pestered me.

and i loved it all.
sure i was a little bit bossy and didn't always act like i loved them when we were kids.
ok, maybe i was a lot bit bossy, but anyway.
we are all adults now.
and something very cool has happened.
we are all friends.
as in legit bff.

i think of linnea, jack and jared
i wonder what they're doing and sometimes share something funny. because i'm hilarious, you know.

while jack was here i was reminded that it's a big blessing that we all get along so well.
i only realized a few years ago that not all families enjoy this brand of friendship.

i'm pondering my role as a sister. as a friend to these three siblings of mine.
since we don't live close, i wonder if they have friends that truly care about them.
are they ok? do they have encouragers in their life that check on them, and draw them to jesus?

am i a good friend to them?
i pray that i will be.

i can't always be there for them physically, but i want to always be there.
praying, forgiving, loving, lifting them up.

no calendar should ever be so full that you don't have time to pray and encourage your friends.
and this includes your brothers and sisters.

how are you doing with this?
what are some practical ways we can love our siblings, even from far away?


  1. You have such a sweet, loving heart. I need to be more like you as a sister. Love you friend.

  2. This is so sweet, Hannah girl! You sound like such a great sister. Challenges me to be a good sis to my sis.

    Also, where is the pic of him asleep in the tunnel?

  3. ah, you are a maven at this sister-business. i, too, am blessed with amazing brothers. (and i was, ahem, 'a lot bit bossy'--even though i wasn't the oldest! ha.)

    so glad you had this precious time with your brother!

  4. Love the pic of you and your brother! I'm so glad you had time together!

  5. Oh Hannah! So glad you had this time with him :) My brother is my best friend, and he's too far away in San Francisco. I hope I am a good friend to him; that I listen to him equally to him listening to me. Me and Girl are going to stay a week with him in June!!!

  6. Such a GREAT picture of you with your brother!

    Siblings are hard stuff over here. I love, love, love my brothers. I work with both of them, and I am the oldest, and bossy. BUT, they are not following Christ and their lifestyles make it so difficult for us to spend time together outside of work. Especially hard for me to want for my children to spend time with them.

    Of course, I am praying for them and hoping that they see something in me that would draw them BACK to Jesus.

    Hard stuff.

    Have a great day Hannah. We are off to run some errands that can not be avoided!


  7. I am the oldest of three girls and we all live within a mile of each other. We spend waaayyy tooo much time together. We like to say we're dysfunctionally close :) I did, however, go away for my four years in college and felt like I missed out on so much. I would say a practical way to love on your far away siblings would be to send notes and pictures to keep them up to date on regular goings-on. I know we have all this social, instant media but I think there's something about holding a real letter and a real copy of a photo that's even better. You already know this though Miss Pen Pal coordinator! :)

    I'm so glad you had such a fun time with your brother. It sounds like you had a mini-vacation of sorts and you most certainly deserved it!

  8. Sounds like y'all had a wonderful time! I have one younger sister and although growing up I hated that she borrowed my clothes and followed me around and liked everything I did... once we moved out of our parents' house we become so close. She's definitely my bff and someone who pushes me closer to Jesus :)

    hope you have a beautiful day!

  9. I love this post! And what great photos, especially the one of the two of you! I love it!

    I am the oldest of 4 also, and I also have 2 younger brothers and a younger sister. We are all very close, and love hanging out together. One of my brothers lives a few hours away, but he's coming into town on Sunday with his wife and baby daughter and I am THRILLED!

    I hope you enjoyed every second of your visit with you brother!

  10. Oh, man, I am loving the bro and sis pics! So glad you guys had a great time, and those are some awesome thoughts you wrote down - so good.

  11. Honey, you are SO beautiful! Seems like forever :) Love you xox

  12. you and your bro could be twins. you cuties, you.

    somehow i am pretty positive you are good friend to them. and i am CERTAIN you draw them to Jesus. i know they love you for it.

    my siblings are 5, 13, and 15 years younger than me. i think just now i'm beginning to have a friendship with my closest sibling. the younger ones... oh i love their hearts, and they tell me they want to be just like me when they grow up. talk about pressure - they are watching me so closely. i have to be the role model they need!

  13. Makes me want to cry. Such sweetness between you 2... All of you.
    He is handsome and you two definitely favor each other.
    Love all your photos too and butterfinger blizzards.

  14. First, it's ok for me to say this because I am happily married and a much older woman but your brother is a hot hottie hottie. Everyone was thinking it, I just said it.
    Second, you've got me crying over here. I pray for just what you described with your siblinsg for my own kids. I pray that they will be great friends. That they will think about each other, care about each other and of course laugh until it hurts together. Pray together, challenge each other. I KNOW you are a great sister. This post only reaafirms it ;)

  15. I adore this post and the sincere love and adoration you feel towards your siblings. It is truly a special thing. I like to think that I too, have a loving relationship with my own 3 sisters. You and your brother shared some wonderful time together, and I LOVE that is was simple everday fun. Now I need to go call my sisters..... :)

  16. So sweet. Love the pic of you two. And he is almost young enough to be in our college/young adults life group... so that's funny. He is almost my people :)

  17. I'm so glad you had a nice trip. I feel particularly close to my little brother and am fortunate to have him only five minutes away (for now). He is house hunting and I am hopeful that the search doesn't take him too far. I think his nearness makes me take the time I have with him or what we do together for granted sometimes so I need to work on that on my end: )

  18. I tried to post a comment last night, but was having trouble. This is a beautiful post. I have just one brother who lives far enough away that these thoughts resonate with me, and convict my heart. I desire to be a true friend. Thank you for the great insight and encouragement!

  19. hannah! this is such a treat to read. you and jack are so sweet. and you are an encouragement to everyone around you! and i love you for that! xo

  20. My brother lives far away too! I miss him terribly but totally cherish the moments we DO get to spend together when he visits...I love the sibling to friend transition that has happened over the years since we've grown! Such a sweet post! Thank you!

  21. i love this. and love that picture of you - in the words of fergie ferg you are G-l-a-m-o-r-ous! :) FIRSTCLASS.

    i'm glad you have your brother.
    and your sibs.
    i love my sister more than anyone.
    my mom was stinking right when she said "she's your only sister. be nice to her. you'll need her when you grow up" - i hate when moms are right ;)

    glad you guys had fun.
    and butterfinger blizzards.

  22. Okay - so this is like God flicking my forehead right now... I just got done texting my sis, guilting her for moving so far away ;)

    A good reminder to be an encourager and good friend and prayer warrior for her!

    Love the pic of you and your bro!