Friday, April 27, 2012

coffee break {links for you}

hey, there.
how are y'all?

i'm under the weather, and dreaming of much sleep.
but dreaming may be as far as i get.

it seems i have a long list of things that need doing by the end of the month.
which happens to be in just a few days.
will i get it all done? we shall see!

while i'm working away, you can browse these fun links!
grab a coffee, or a peach tea and take a peek:

from kitchen simplicity, white chocolate lemon truffles. a delicious no bake treat! i need them.

these roasted potato stacks look really good.

if someone would please make me some of this homemade ginger ale, that's be great.

my friend greta shared a lovely post at beautifully rooted...i believe in stories.

this little shop has the sweetest little earrings!

i think these sandals are pretty. in blue.

melissa at brown bobbin shared a fun diy silly putty recipe!

did you read the way of rescue post from shannan? please do it today. amen.

check out spf in technicolor on martha stewart. so many great beauty finds!

in case you missed it, i shared some mother's day gift ideas that you'll love!

did you post or find anything exciting this week? please share!
happy weekend to you!

p.s. sinus infections are the devil's bff. i just know it.


  1. Feel better girl. Right this minute! You hear me young lady!
    love you. sending hugs. and prayers.

  2. Again with the fun links!

    Feel better soon so we can chat. How's Saturday look?


  3. I hope you feel better soon! I just wanted to say, that your blog makes me happy. When I come back here I always smile :)

  4. I agree - I've been fighting off a sinus infection myself. Awful. Hope you are feeling better soon! And here are a few of my finds this week (and one repeat)

  5. You are right, sinus infectious are so horrible!! I hope you are feeling better soon. I have been using a Neti pot with distilled water the past few years I don't suffer from sinus infections anymore. May be worth a try. :)

  6. oh yes...and i forgot...i tagged you in a little meme over on the blog. feel free to participate if/when you like.

  7. sorry your're unwell, hannah :( I have trouble with them too - last few times I tried drinking lots of lemon water and it really seemed to help clear it never know! ; ) and when you're so miserable anything is worth a try. Hope you get better quick-quick!

  8. Go away sinus infection!! Hoping you feel better. Those lemon treats look so yummy.

  9. Feel better Hannah, get some good rest!

    Those lemon truffles have also become a necessity of mine - perfect combination. I hope making them with a 6 year old will be successful : )

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my last post - your blog has been powerful for me over the last year!

  10. I made homemade ginger ale about 6 months ago. It has been sitting in my frig since. ha ha. I should probably try it or I could ship it to you.

  11. Hi Hannah! I just love it when you do these post with some great links. Seriously love every one. Hope you feel better soon!
    ps. I thought that I was already a follower of you on Instagram. I resent a request :) Hugs!

  12. just the lemon-truffle photo alone makes my morning all sunshiney. i hope you're back up and at em right quick, my hannah! rest up, dear girl.

  13. white chocolate lemon truffles and silly puddy oh my! Fun, A must try. Thanks for popping by my nice to meet you...Looking forward to following along your lovely blog. Blessings to you. Mica at The Child's Paper