Friday, April 13, 2012

coffee break {links for you}

happy friday!

we finished up spring break, sent elijah back to preschool yesterday.
talk about bittersweet!
the poor fella was all kinds of messed up with the routine change. and so was i.

we're ready for the weekend, looking forward to enjoying some time outside as it's warming up again.
and my youngest brother is visiting next week. holla!

too early for a stella? ha.
how 'bout you grab a coffee with me, or an iced cold, sparkling lacroix,
and take a peek at these fun finds:

especially loved this ^^one from spring olive!

lesley myrick shared her favorite free fonts, which ones do you love?

spotted this new tape. i want it. and everything else at pretty tape. obviously.

timmy brister has been doing an excellent series of the gospel alphabet.
he recently finished with z for zeal. check it.

annalea shared an excellent idea for a personalized photo flip chart. maybe this will be helpful for you?
it will be for us! elijah is just at the beginning of connecting photos to words...
helping him to communicate, and we are thrilled!

i would like everything in lindsay's pen and paint shop. and i bet you will as well!

cookies and cups is a favorite stop on the internets.
for obvious reasons, like these nutter butter cookies. amen.

and what goes better with cookies, than a fresh new rap from trip lee.
listen to those lyrics. whew!

your turn! tell me what awesome stuff you've found online lately!
happiest weekend to you, make it great!


  1. We just found chocolate chip zucchini bread. Yum!

  2. Right now my favorite free fonts are: Digs My Heart, Jailbird Jenna and The Only Exception. <3
    Those cookies look awesome!
    My favorite find this week is a video/rap by two former Texas football players. LOVED it- full of good theology.

  3. Those flip photo books are such a great idea!!
    Happy Friday dearie!!

  4. Those cookies are so sweet. Yummy.

  5. What a fun round-up - those cookies!! Loved Annalea's photo flip chore books, too. : ) Happy weekend to you!

  6. it's hard to say goodbye to spring break isn't it? wasn't your birthday right, you were just sharing that adorable card with us?

    that cookie recipe, omywoooooooooooord...

    i love these posts on fridays that you do you know that!

  7. you are the queen of cool tape. the end.

    ps. i am really enjoying mine. : ) the end again.

  8. I've found several things on pinterest that have been just awesome! The photo flip chart is awesome.

  9. Andy took one look at the Nutter Butter Cookies and decided you should make some and send them to us. We'll try them out, write a review and let you know what we think. We're willing to sacrifice our bodies to help you out:-)

  10. This little birdie loves all these fun things that you find! I just downloaded a couple of new fonts! Yay!

    Thanks so much Hannah. Have a great weekend!


  11. that tape is super cute!!! and I love the idea of the flip creative!!!

  12. seriously, homemade nutter butter?! I die. Also I want that tape too ;)

  13. love it all, girl! you inspire me, every day!! xoxoxo