Thursday, April 26, 2012

anger management

there are times when anger can be righteous and healthy.
like anger toward sin.
most times, my anger is not that type.

i've heard ugly, untrue or divisive gossip.
or even hurts spoken directly to me, about myself or my family.
story after story of abused, neglected and starving children.
deep past hurts in my life that creep up now and then, they beg for anger to kindle.
my husband not doing things the right way. my way.
uncertainty about my son's future and my ability to control it.
it can all make me angry...


  1. good morning, going to finish reading now...
    Love you ;)

  2. i like the idea of worship realignment. thanks.

  3. ok...i promise i will continue to read the rest at beautifully rooted, but can i ask you one thing first? HOW are you getting your digital washi tape on your photos?? i had that thing down pat on picnik, but now i'm lost. picmonkey? don't have a clue. i have photoshop elements, but have no clue how to do that either! can you help me? please?? :)