Tuesday, March 27, 2012

noah's hands of hope


one of my sponsors, joy from small town joy,
is on the board of directors for a special organization.
and i am so glad i've found them through her!
please take a minute and check them out:

"Children battling mitochondrial diseases
have to fight for their lives every day
and their entire families are fighting alongside them.
We believe they shouldn't have to fight alone
and we want to help them. In doing so,
we want to honor the wishes of our son Noah
who is nearing the end of his fight and wants to help
other children who are sick like he is."

they are hosting an online auction to raise funds that runs today through april 1.

i'd love it if you browsed the auction site, and maybe bid on something that interests you!

one item you are sure to want:
we've donated a starbucks gift card.
it could be yours! just go bid!

there's lots more over there, go check it out!
and if you'd prefer not to participate in the auction, you can:

donate any amount securely here via the "chip in" box.

thanks in advance, friends!
please join me in praying for a fruitful fundraiser for this sweet project!

commit your work to the lord,
and your plans will be established.
{proverbs 16:3}


  1. this little birdie says you rule the school in the cool department!

  2. i'm checking it out. i love me some joy! : ) and you, of course!